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by:Sinowon     2020-07-02
The core job tasks of an optical laboratory technician will involve selecting and marking the appropriate lens blanks using lens measuring equipment so as to cut the pieces to a degree of accuracy. They are trained to operate the special grinding machines that are used to cut, grind and polish lenses according to the specifications detailed by the eye medics. The optical lens grinding programs provided by online optician training schools often last between six months and one year. Optical laboratory technicians can be employed in optical laboratories, in retail stores, in an ophthalmologist's or optometrist's clinic and at a dispensing optician. In order to be considered for an optical laboratory technician job, you must have good aptitude in mathematics and science. Using an online optician only requires knowing the eye prescription, using a website allows the people to deal direct with the people making up their eyewear instead of dealing with the store who in turn deal with their own suppliers usually off site at another location. There are a variety of things that learners must consider though, before deciding that optician training online is a good career choice for their future. Some of the things they must keep in mind include the education needed, the various jobs that are available within the field, what they can expect to be paid, and of course a few companies that offer great jobs in the optical or eye field. Some of the courses that are valuable for them if they want to work in this field include algebra, anatomy of the eye, geometry, drawing, and physics. An optician is also a health care provider associated with the eyes. Although they are not trained like doctors in medical school, they are regulated professionals who have to maintain standards of training and of practice. There is considerable training necessary to become licensed optician, although medical school is not required. They must be skilled in creating quality optics, attention to detail and able to read complex prescriptions in order to craft the proper tools. The optician work in general in California includes repairing the broken lenses by simply examining and deciphering the existing prescription in the broken glasses or scope. During their course of education, they should have demonstrated competence in the areas of chemistry, biology, geometry, mechanical drawing, computer skills, algebra, industrial arts and English. Opticians, on the other hand, are professionals who usually work together with optometrists or ophthalmologists to help provide a well rounded set of vision care solutions. Opticians can sometimes help out with eye exams and assist with eye prescriptions. They are the specialists who can help interpret eye prescriptions and decide which corrective lenses are best suited for the patients. Licensed dispensing opticians work together with patients to provide a comprehensive set of eye care and vision health solutions. There is on the job training offered as well, and many times they can start out as an apprentice to become an optician. These professionals have been medically trained and are required to hold a higher diploma.
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