There are several types of microscopes in the

by:Sinowon     2020-05-28
A compound microscope - is an optical device, which increases the image of objects and consisting of several lenses, building an image or a combination of lenses, situated near the object and to projecting its image in the eyepiece. The compound microscope is the most commonly used type of microscopes. Optical microscope, also called a light microscope, is a type of a compound microscope, which uses a simple pair of lenses to increase the images of small objects. As a rule, for the lighting of the object a small sliding mirror, fortified under the object stage, is used. Optical microscope is the oldest and easiest in use and production type of microscope. This type of microscopes can be divided into monocular microscopes and binocular microscopes depending on the method of observation. Kids microscope. In fact, this is not a children's toy. This is the usual optical microscope, which is used in laboratories. But, firstly, it is much easier to use, and it is not difficult for the child to figure out what's what in this instrument. Secondly, kids microscope is much smaller and lighter than a laboratory one, and therefore it is easy to use at home, and also to make observations in the street or take it to the classes at the school. Digital microscope is equipped with an electronic camera (on the basis of a CCD or CMOS sensor), which is connected to the LCD display or a personal computer. As a rule, there are no eyepieces for direct observation of the eye. You can install the camera on triplecular microscopes and thus turn into the 'USB microscopes'. Fluorescent microscope (or epifluorescent microscope) - is a special type of light microscope, in which instead of the effects of reflection and absorption of light in a preparation phenomenon of fluorescence or phosphorescence is used for observations. Electron microscope is one of the most complex and important types of microscopes, which can give very high magnifications. In the electronic microscope electrons are used for the images of the smallest details of the object. Electron microscopes are much more powerful than optical microscopes. Stereo microscope, also called dissecting microscope is equipped with two lenses and two eyepieces, which enables man to see the product in the three-dimensional image. Most of the light microscopes include the following parts: an eyepiece, a bed, a lamp, an object table, a revolving holder of lenses, lenses, and a condenser. The camera for a microscope is a digital video device, mounted on the light microscope and connected to the display through a video cable or a USB cable. These digital cameras are particularly useful with triplecular microscopes.
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