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by:Sinowon     2020-07-15
Here are the five best situations where these photos are a great help: Situation 1: Taking close up photos for blogs, emails, newsletters or websites. The res- olution of the screen is usually around 76 dpi and so you don't need the extra resolution of a fancy camera set-up. The digital macro is good enough. Situation 2: Taking close up photos for teaching or lecturing. Using the photos for .pdf documents or powerpoint presentation don't require the extra horsepower also. Situation 3: Doing embroidery research in museums. You always want to see details of the stitches or materials. So you don't need a flash to use digital macro or a tripod to keep the camera stable. Large SLRs with big lenses make curators nervous as they are likely to bump into the object. Situation 4: An 'instant'microscope. You can use the function as if it was amicroscope that I can take anywhere. You will love it for this. And it fits in your back pocket. You can't beat that when you are walking around and run into some unexpected textile find. Situation 5: Taking in-process stitch photos. The small size and easy to use function allows you to keep the camera by your side as you stitch. You then grab it and snap as you take stitches to highlight points for your projects and teaching.
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