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by:Sinowon     2020-07-11
Types of autistic spectrum disorder: The plethora of problems that ASD brings in with it will include mental retardation, sensory problems, seizures, tuberous sclerosis, and fragile X syndrome. There is no sense of balance when it comes to responses of an autistic child to sensory stimuli. There would be distorted exaggerated behavioral response of an autistic patient to any external stimuli. Senses of sound, smell, and textures are not well balanced in the brains of these children. A buzzing telephone alone would cause them to bring the roof down. An airplane going over the top of your head would only mean a pandemonium in the house of an autistic child. Mental retardation also seems to bother some of the kids with ASD. But some of them may have good linguistic abilities associated with poor vision. These children have good language skills but the vision is somewhat disturbed. Adequate sleep should be ensured for these children and also they should avoid getting high fever as they are prone to develop seizures because of it. A seizure is characterized by continuous staring spells, fits, and unusual movements. Another factor is to be checked is the fragile x syndrome in a child with ASD. Around 2-5% of children are affected by fragile X syndrome. A part of X chromosome appears fragile and pinched when look under a microscope. One in the two children of the same couple is born with this problem. Therefore, the couple may conceive a male child with that similar syndrome if the first born is a female with this syndrome. 1 4% of children suffering with ASD will have (TB) Tuberous sclerosis which is nothing but tumors growing in their brains or other vital organs.
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