They look same; this is a common statement we

by:Sinowon     2020-06-22
I am not going to make any claim that the one particular brand is great and another one does not have a higher standard. But, you might also notice differences in a brands products, those have look-alike. Coming more to the quality differences, you might not find in most of the expensive binoculars. I have read many posts, which claims that there is no difference between the model 149 and 79. It only be felt by those who has tested a variety of binoculars side by side for more detailed observations. Apart from some small differences like pricing that depends on mainly two points first the mechanical construction, workings and range of adjustment, and 2nd is the degree to which all the optical components, surfaces figured or polished and coatings. These two aspects decided the pricing of any binoculars. If they look exactly alike, then it becomes nearly impossible to figure it out the differences between both. We can judge them by its Coating, Quality Inspection (lenses), Eyepieces, Prisms, Transmission and Illumination and Objective lens. I know it is complicated when you don't have much knowledge about the binoculars specifications. But keep this in mind that quality can't be same, and some of the things does not have any discount instrument. Don't think that you will buy a binocular of high quality same like the branded one at a cheaper rate. The higher brands of Binoculars works very tough to make thier products diffrent from others.
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