This comprehensive test requires just a few drops

by:Sinowon     2020-12-28

By viewing your live blood under a specialised microscope I can assess the health and function of red blood cells, white blood cells and other blood components. Specific markers in the blood can indicate:


Gut dysbiosis

Various nutritional deficiencies - iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, essential fatty acids and antioxidants

Immune system function - bacterial or viral infection


Oxidative damage

Cardiovascular risk factors

Live blood analysis offers a unique insight to the state of your immune system. During the winter months cold and 'flu viruses seem to be circulating around offices, day care centres and virtually all public spaces. Do you know how well your immune system is coping with this constant attack?

Getting sick is part of a normal immune response, what's important is how efficiently and effectively our body deals with this attack. Recurrent illness or chronic illness such as infections ongoing coughs and constant exhaustion may be a sign of a fatigued under-functioning immune system.

I can assess the state of your immune health by viewing your blood while it's still alive under a specialised microscope. The white blood cells are the body's defence line against infection and disease, they can reveal if your body is fighting a bacterial or viral infection (even though you may not have any symptoms), if your white blood cells are active and if there are nutritional deficiencies that may be inhibiting your immunity. I can see all this and more from just a few drops of blood from your fingertip.

Live blood analysis is also a great tool for measuring the progress of a detoxification program.

By undergoing a therapeutic detoxification and body cleansing regime overloaded organs and systems are able to rest and 'catch up' allowing them to function optimally. This will alleviate the symptoms associated with toxic overload, prevent further health problems, help to reduce cravings and absolve addictions and result in overall increased vitality and health.

Benefits of completing an integrated gut and liver detox include:

Increased energy levels

Normal digestive function

Elimination of morning groggy-ness and increased alertness

Reduced inflammation (measurable in the blood)

Reduced oxidative stress, a visible improvement in various blood parameters can be seen in the live blood analysis

Essential part of a pre-conception plan

Find out what your blood says about your health.

Julie Wilson supports Auckland women with hormone related imbalances to gain health and vitality, naturally by addressing key health concerns and by showing you how to integrate simple natural solutions into your daily living.

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