To become a U. S. Marshall, there are stringent

by:Sinowon     2020-06-07
Not only do you need to pass the physical examination, but there are also medical qualifications that you must meet to be considered for a U. S. Marshall position. 20/20 binocular vision is required, even if you have to wear glasses or contact lenses to meet this requirement. Near vision must be 20/40 or better, either with lenses or without. Uncorrected, your vision can't be any worse then 20/200 in each eye. If you undergo surgery to correct your vision, it may disqualify you depending on the outcome. Color vision must be at least good enough to be able to distinguish between the basic colors and your depth perception must test normal. Your hearing must test at 30 dB or better at 500 through 2000 Hz or a minimum of 40 dB at 3000 Hz. Some medical requirements will automatically disqualify you. For example, if you suffer from heart disease, hypertension or diabetes mellitus you will be automatically disqualified. Convulsive disorders, hernias and orthopedic conditions will also disqualify you. You should have a Bachelor's degree or three years of qualifying experience to be considered for an entry level position as a U. S. Marshall. Some examples of qualifying experience include work involving correctional treatment and supervision of criminal offenders, classroom teaching, and jobs such as a claims adjuster or a credit rating advisor that involves contact with the public with the intent of gathering information. Also accepted is any other experience that you have had that demonstrates the ability to take charge and make decisions, such as a supervisory, managerial or leadership position. Applicants that are qualified will undergo a rigorous 17.5 week basic training program in Glynco, GA at the U. S. Marshals Training Academy. During the training, subjects such as court security, officer survival, firearms training, surveillance, search and seizure and first aid are covered. Before attending, students must pass a physical fitness test to ensure that they're physically fit. This test must have been passed within 6 months prior to attending training.
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