To meet today's need of going environment friendly

by:Sinowon     2020-12-27

Thus, it is good to have an eco friendly office wherein you use only the products that are made from recycled and recyclable materials. Products like Cork Board, recycled paper, artificial plants and trees and re-usable water bottles may help you at making a BIG change in the work area. To start with building an environment friendly office you may start from top with having a green thatched roof made of real pants and grass. The roof may create insulation and will prevent excessive heat in summers while keep the heat inside during winters. With such thing, you may save on a lot of electricity consumption that may otherwise be required to run air conditioners in summers or heat convectors in winters.

Invest in a few artificial plants and trees to decorate your office. Unlike real lush they may not ask for any maintenance that usually involves watering, manuring and pruning. When you will not have to water the plants, you will be saving water and when there will be no trimmed foliage to expose into rivers, you may be doing your bit of favour to the save environment campaign.

The basic duty of everybody at such offices should be to save more and more of natural resources, electricity, paper and water for which essential steps like using more 'green products' have to be taken. With a great intensity the focus will have to be on 're-use and re-cycle programme' wherein only the products that are made from recycled materials and that can be recycled into new products anytime. For instance, cork boards!

Cork is a material that is usually made from the bark of the cork oak trees. The bark grows back in approximately three years and there is no need to cut the trees... interesting, you may have to avoid deforestation as well. Plus for the fascinating characteristics of cork, the boards are impermeable to water, resistant to mites or mold and are acoustic and thermal.

Manufactured from such durable yet environment friendly material the cheap cork boards make an ideal alternative to technically advanced display tools like projector screens that may consume electricity and give out heat. Plus, they allow their users to keep a low profile by not asking for any maintenance (like electronic appliances may do!).

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