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by:Sinowon     2021-05-16

Taiwan-Korea Transmission Machinery is a professional manufacturer and sales company, Germany (IF) Yifu ball screw, chrome-plated rod, piston rod, bearing steel, hollow shaft, linear bearing, HIWIN, PMI, TBI linear slide, ball Manufacturers of screw rods, couplings, screw support blocks, rolling guide blocks, and linear rail pressing blocks. The company's current sales products have covered various industries: widely used in processing lathes, EDM machine tools, grinders, transportation machinery, textile machinery, heavy machinery, metallurgical machinery, machine tools, medical equipment, aerospace industry, petrochemicals, chemical fiber textiles , Machinery manufacturing, electrical machinery, power generation, clothing machinery, vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding, mining, papermaking, printing, wire cutting and other automated electronic machinery. Mingwei Vision Automation Measurement is the most suitable and professional automated testing equipment manufacturer and Ru0026D company that we have come into contact with so far. Their product positioning is accurate, industry segmentation, software and hardware equipment are independently developed, and products are customized. High degree of integration, not only from the professional point of view of image measurement, but also from the equipment, process and downstream product application aspects and our professional technical docking, and their professionalism in automated testing equipment and our professionalism in transmission machinery are effective. Combining, let our production research and development be efficient and timely, and win market opportunities. Through years of cooperation, their quality is stable and the service is in place, which not only replaces our company's imported automated testing equipment, reduces costs, but also greatly guarantees the stability of our product system! Lu Yao knows horsepower and sees people's hearts over time. Mingwei Vision Automation Measurement is a professional automated testing equipment company that is trustworthy and entrusted.

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