TrueVision Systems, Inc. announced in March 2011

by:Sinowon     2020-07-16
Originally launched in 2008, the TrueVision 3D Visualization System displays high-definition three-dimensional images in real-time on a flat-panel display in the operating room to assist surgeons performing microsurgery procedures. Local Las Vegas cataract surgeons are already taking advantage of this groundbreaking technology to assist them in performing refractive cataract surgery. 3D cataract surgery Las Vegas ophthalmologists say, could soon become the standard in refractive surgery, as the advanced system provides computer-assisted surgical guidance for specific procedures such as anterior capsulotomy (also called capsulorhexis), refractive IOL positioning and creating limbal relaxing incisions in the cornea to correct astigmatism, and even during pre-operative eye exams for surgical planning. With the new 3D image-guided, microsurgical technology, accuracy is achieved as never before. As opposed to standard procedures such as LASIK surgery Las Vegas eye specialists say that the image you see is basically what you get. For the new 3D image-guided LASIK and cataract surgeries, the surgeon wears a pair of 3D glasses, and uses a high-definition, microsurgical system which provides a stereoscopic and signal-enhanced view of the entire surgical field. With the new technology the image is highly enhanced, improving precision and the overall quality of the LASIK or Cataract Surgery Las Vegas surgeons say. As for the future of standardized refractive surgery technology, one expert said that most likely, the microscope will eventually become a thing of the past. Other experts say that at present this technology has not yet reached its potential, but does offer some advantages for ease of strain on the surgeon's back and neck, since they would be able to watch a screen instead of bending over the patient laying down. Also, since the 3DHD video recording is able to capture the surgical view, it could be used as a teaching tool, letting surgeons, residents, and staff view what traditionally only one surgeon could view through the microscope.
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