ultrasonic humidifiers

by:Sinowon     2020-02-27
For our comfort and health, we need a certain amount of water in the air.
According to the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
That\'s 30 to 50%.
If the humidity in our house is lower than this level, we will be affected by dry air.
Nosebleeds, cough, dry skin, itchy eyes. . .
These are potential effects of low humidity.
Even our home itself is not immune to the problems caused by dry air.
Low humidity can lead to cracking of paint, drying of furniture, peeling of wallpaper and brittle of wood.
The humidifier helps alleviate these problems by adding moisture to the air.
There are several types of humidifiers, but they all do a basic thing: circulating water through the air.
Ultrasonic humidifier by using high
The frequency sound vibrates into very fine fog and sends it to the air without heating the air.
Using an ultrasonic humidifier, there is no danger of steam burning because the water is cool.
Therefore, ultrasonic humidifier is a popular choice for nursery or children\'s room.
This type of humidifier usually works very fast and quiet.
The Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Board recently expressed concern that ultrasonic humidifiers can disperse microorganisms and minerals into the air.
However, they have not yet concluded that this poses a significant risk to health.
In the use of an ultrasonic humidifier, measures should be taken to avoid any potential problems of microbial and mineral dispersion.
For example, in order to avoid the growth of microorganisms, water should be replaced every day.
The water tank should be cleaned and disinfected regularly according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.
In order to avoid the risk that the deposit is sent into the air, water with a lower mineral content is used.
Distilled water is very good for this purpose.
Following the manufacturer\'s instructions for use and care carefully, the risk of microorganisms being placed in the air should be reduced.
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