ultrasonic testing equipment and radar speed measurement device

by:Sinowon     2020-01-28
In recent years, electronic dog products are becoming more and more popular, and the factory market demand is expanding. Compared with previous products, in fact, the intersection of camera drivers runs red lights through various technologies, there are no uniform standards and methods in this regard, depending entirely on the successful construction unit.
Under normal circumstances, it can be triggered by a radar camera, and the sensor coil triggers the camera or the image recognition triggers the camera.
Using the radar to trigger the camera, when the red light is on, the stop line before the radar area is formed when the car passes, and the electronic shutter camera is started.
At this time, the radar gun detector may work, take a photo of the induction coil, when constructed on the road buried under the induction coil, when the car runs a red light, the induction coil car starts, and the electronic shutter camera.
Using image recognition technology, the white line on the ground is the warning area. When the vehicle runs a red light, the white line on the ground is blocked, and the camera is triggered, no device can be predicted by a red light camera.
Unlike guns that only use radar, laser technology, the radar speed detector can predict the detection of the gun.
1. Electronic dogs rely on embedded transmitters for early warning.
The manufacturer places an early warning on the wireless microwave transmitter, which has only one fixed band.
It can only receive receivers in this band.
Every time consumers buy an electronic dog, they receive microwave signals through the machine and prompt the alarm information by decoding the default information read out inside.
2. The GPS machine collects coordinates through GPS positioning and early warning.
The manufacturer is also the local coordinates of the post-collection warning. The main products are: car dvd player, car dvd, and the quality is good.
The form of data stored in the GPS storage chip.
The car is moving, the machine is positioned by satellite, and the current position and collection coordinates of the protocol are compared on the alarm.
3. The electronic dog reported some gas stations and intersections, and sometimes even the gas station did not complete the broadcast, which surprised some people. In fact, it is very simple. Through the introduction of the above two cases, you can know why, no matter the gas station is not yet established, it must be known. (1)
Electronic dog manufacturers can solve this problem by burying a wireless launch pad in advance.
Just enter the coordinates on the chip to use the GPS type.
In recent years, electronic dog products have become more and more popular, and manufacturers have increased market demand. Compared with previous products, the products have greatly improved from appearance to performance and are more convenient and intimate to use.
Electronic dog: fashionable design, various shapes and functions, such as piano paint surface and car shape, can also play a decorative role in the car even if it is not in the car.
Electronic dog: just a simple warning, the warning is fixed, the warning function is monotonous, and sometimes the tone of the warning will also affect driving. Data update.
Electronic dog: early warning function, not only for the fixed electronic eye warning, but also for the flow rate measurement device, whether it is the electronic eye of the police car, bus and street --level hand-
The handheld speed measuring device can provide early warning for the driver accurately and timely.
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