under armour\'s new healthbox is worth the hefty $400 price tag

by:Sinowon     2020-01-24
Selection of editors: Published in February. 10. Ared-
Hot sportswear makers are counting on a box of fitness gadgets to expand their portfolio and add some weight to their bottom line. Under (UA -Get Report)
Earlier this month, the new $400 \"health box\" went public.
Originally launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Cool, January-
The box that looks red has a set of devices that can track statistics that are important to workout enthusiasts, such as steps, weight, and sleep.
Including a black wristband called UA (
Similar to Nike (NKE -Get Report)
FuelBand that has been discontinued)
Bluetooth and wireless network
The Fi-enabled scale is called the UA Scale and UA heart rate, which is a band suitable for chest measurement of heart rate.
HealthBox is a positive example of the Under Armour tracker.
Under Armour has spent about $0. 71 billion since 2013 to acquire three major health and fitness app developers: MapMyFitness, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal
According to Under Armour, these acquisitions provide Under Armour with a community of about 0. 16 billion registered users who record information such as what they eat and their running routes.
Under fitness, a relatively new business unit of Under Armour, currently represents about 1.
Its overall business is 3%.
Throughout the year, sales in the segment were $53 million, up 177% year on year.
Betty Chen, executive director of professional retail research in the United States, atMizuho Securities, USA, said, \"I believe Under Armour is making some strategic investments in their customer base and potential customers in the pursuit of Connected Fitness--
These analyses will provide them with insight into lifestyle behavior, exercise needs, and help them personalize brand/product information in a less disruptive manner.
\"Over the past week, I \'ve put every part of the expensive tech hardware box at its pace.
This includes jumping digital scales before work in the morning to getting body fat readings in the early morning, and then confirming how much sleep I slept through UA Band and stripping a heart --
Rate band after Sweat
Induced spin class.
The Health box in Armour includes a fitness tracker, a digital scale, and a heart-rate strap.
Once I \'ve overcome the fact that Under\'s fitness tracker is not an Apple watch, I can understand what the first time a garment and footwear manufacturer has really gotten into the wearable space ---
All devices work together almost seamlessly to help improve your health.
By the end of the week, I became more focused on analyzing health data than having an Apple Watch a year later, in part becauseof-
Use the hardware of Armour and its detailed UA logging application.
Finally, is it worth buying a box of hardware for $400?
If you\'re even most interested in getting to know your health ---
Hope you can-
I will say the answer is yes.
About the price of the Apple Watch Sport, you will get some devices that will improve your life for you ---
From lifting more weight in the gym to walking a little faster on the way to work to burn calories.
The UA Record app becomes a trusted friend of all the information accumulated by the monitoring device.
The black and red fitness band of Under Armour is very reminiscent of Nike\'s Fuelband, which is no longer there.
But unlike the fuel belt that has accumulated what Nike calls a fuel point, the device at under Armour actually provides a lot of useful health information, from tracking the still heart rate to measuring the calories burned, exercise time again.
The ability to control the volume of music and choose a band is also a good feature.
However, unlike many competing products, it is seamlessly integrated with UA recording applications How to store large amounts of information and provide real information
Time feedback during workout.
The band\'s battery life is about three days, two days older than the more sophisticated Apple Watch.
The Under Armour fitness tracker wins points simply.
Despite these advantages, hardware designed by tech maker HTC does have room for improvement in these 5 areas. 1.
This is not always the case with equipment.
While this can damage battery life, in the spin class, the red home screen button on the band must be pressed constantly to get the heart
Reading rate is a hassle.
However, when prompted, the touch screen does respond quickly, unlike the latency inherent to many functions on the Apple Watch interface. 2.
The news notice surprised you.
The wristband can be paired with the phone to receive text messages and phone alerts.
When I get a phone call or text message, the band makes a strong buzz, which definitely catches me off guard while reading the newspaper and meeting (I think a co-
The worker heard the progress of the matter).
In contrast, the notification pulse of the Apple Watch is more friendly and relatively quiet, just like a slight nudge.
The fitness tracker looks cool, but it can be improved. 3.
The band needs to do more work.
After inspection, the strap of the strap may need a better locking mechanism, because the device once fell off when I pressed heavy objects on the bench and bent my wrist.
Now the band is fixed in place by two slightly thinner teeth that fit into the groove.
However, the band didn\'t fall off anywhere else and I didn\'t feel it would fall off under normal wear. 4.
Charging wires takes longer.
Charging wearable devices is a breeze. -
There is a magnetic charger similar to the Apple Watch charging dock, which is close to the lower side of the fitness tracker.
But I would like to have a longer charging chord to help put the device on my desk and bedside table ---
Instead, I charge or hang on the wall on the floor. 5.
A better screen will help.
LED display technology content is relatively low.
I don\'t mind spending more money on a healthy box of wearable devices with OLED screens, like the Apple Watch or the one on the Microsoft Band.
All in all, the band found a home on my wrist, next to the Apple Watch.
Yes, that means I\'m now running two wearable devices on the same wrist.
The simple features provided by Under Armour let me sleep with it, not afraid to break it into pieces when turning over.
Usually I take off the $400 Apple Watch not only for overnight charging but also for fear of breaking it.
Think about it, like the gear under most armor ---
I just think the fitness tracker in the gym is a bit cold.
To the other equipment in the suite, since I left my parents\' residence at the age of 21, I have not had a scale at home.
For a few years before that, I had been checking my weight with my scalp before a hot date.
Now, I\'m in the gym on a low tech scale to strengthen my body.
The digital scale is a great addition to the health box.
But that was before I installed Armour\'s digital scale in my kitchen.
Embark on the week of the future
Looking at the digital scale, I found myself not wanting to let things down because I was a little fatter than the day before.
The scale measures body weight and body fat percentage.
Step onto the scale and pop up your weight immediately.
I found the weight reading to be very accurate and it was helpful to see it log in to the chart of the UA recording app (
The app says my weight is down.
Wait another 5 seconds on the scale and the weight percentage comes out, which seems a bit inaccurate considering its daily fluctuations.
According to a spokesman for the Under Armour, the scale calculates the percentage of body fat by using a method called \"bioelectrical impedance analysis\", a popular method used by digital scales.
But this analysis is known for not providing an ultra-accurate reading.
When performing this routine, keep the UA Record application open and all information will be synchronized immediately.
The scale also allows multiple user profiles in case your other half wants to secretly weigh and store information in their own UA logging app.
The initial sync between the hardware and the out-of-the-box software is a bit confusing and wrong (
Yes, I read the instructions).
It took me about 20 minutes to link the scales to the app and record my information.
However, after some trial and error, the scale delivered on the promise of the health box ---
A seamless experience when trying to measure an integral part of health.
The chest strap is more suitable for hardcore fitness people.
Considering the effectiveness of the fitness tracker in measuring heart rate, the chest strap is almost excessive.
However, if you are a hardcore runner, swimmer, cyclist or crossover then the straps are a great addition to the health box.
It\'s easy for the band to tie the band, flashing bright blue to let you know it\'s ready for action.
If you were twicea-
However, for a week of exercise enthusiasts, you may find yourself leaving your chest band at home.
I don\'t mind seeing future iterations contain gift cards for Armour\'s new smart sneakers, not health boxes with chest straps ---
This may expand the attractiveness of the health box.
These devices collect a lot of useful health information.
As for the UA recording app that collects all the information from the device, it has a lot of relevant data, from walking to the calories consumed to the accumulated total sleep time.
I love the truth of this apptime heart-
Speed and calorie consumption readings in spin class--
This instant feedback is very popular when trying to achieve a new exercise goal.
I found the calories and the heart.
More accurate than the total rate provided by pre-offer
The software loaded on the Apple Watch, for me, it has below-
Report of each indicator.
Also popular are the charts in the app that help to gain insight into the progress of health goals for a long time.
This app also has a Twitter
Like the feed of other UA Record users, Under Armour should show more in some way.
Other users can post their workout and related inspirational photos and information.
However, I would like to see a dedicated nutrition section in the UA Record app instead of having to open Armour\'s MyFitnessPal app to enter the consumed food and navigate the healthy recipes
Powerful Features in MyFitnessPal app).
However, MyFitnessPal\'s calorie consumption function does synchronize with UA Records.
A water consumption tracker is also great.
In the end, people like rocks may become happy users of healthy boxes-
Not only because of the money of Under Armour ~-
But because hardware and software can improve your daily health together.
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