usps to ban overseas shipments of ipads, kindles, more

by:Sinowon     2020-01-12
CBS/Apple (CNET)
If you know someone who lives outside the United StatesS.
Who wants a tablet, laptop, camera or smartphone in the US, it\'s better to send it to them by May 16.
As of next week, the United States Post (USPS)
All international shipments containing lithium-ion batteries are prohibited, and many electronic products are available (
See the full list below).
The most likely reason for the ban is that lithium-ion batteries may catch fire or burn if they are fully charged or not properly stored or packed
Obviously, it is better to avoid this situation when transporting.
Lithium-ion batteries are believed to have caused \"at least two fatal cargo plane crashes since 2006, including a UPS plane in Dubai, according to Fast Company. \"U. S.
Soldiers serving overseas may be hit hard by new U. S. rules.
Although other shipping companies such as UPS, DHL and FedEx are more expensive, it is not possible to send mail to the Army Post Office and Fleet Post Office mailbox of the force.
\"After May 16, mailing the iPad to a loved one serving overseas needs to be mailed to the civilian address of the host country --
For countries like Kuwait, this will make the price jump from the current $5 military priority mail rate.
\"Over $30 to $20,\" Fast Company reports.
USPS said it may change the ban in January 1, 2013 to allow customers to post a certain number of lithium-ion batteries in the international arena, including to APO and FPO locations, \"when the batteries are properly installed in personal electronic devices, they will run.
\"Here is a list of the most common electronic products usps use lithium
Ion battery: camera intercom (two-way radio)
GPS equipment-
Control the toysCameras scanner battery phonesMP3 playersbluthanth computersElectronic shaversPower drillsportable DVD playersElectronic measurement equipmentThis bar first appeared in the title of CNET \"post ban exports tablets, smartphones, etc.
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