Video measuring instrument manufacturers talk about the difference between optical magnification and image magnification

by:Sinowon     2021-05-03

At present, image measuring instruments play an important role in the field of industrial inspection and measurement technology. In order to be able to develop better, let us briefly introduce the working principle of the image measuring instrument, so that friends who do not know the image measuring instrument can get acquainted briefly.

This image measuring instrument is the result of continuous improvement and development of current digital technology. This process also works closely with computers and other hardware. At the same time, special control and image software on the computer can be enough to turn the computer into light energy. The displacement value of the optical ruler can be read with the help of the relevant firmware, and the required result can be achieved with the help of the software module. At the same time, the personnel performing the measurement and operation can compare the images and find the gap. CCD digital imaging technology is the foundation of the invention of image measuring instruments.

At present, people have many questions about the optical amplifiers of image measuring instruments. What is the difference between large magnification and image magnification? Optical magnification is usually a fixed value, usually 0.35 times to 2.25 times or 0.75 times-4.5 times the value between these two intervals, we can use this number to multiply our objective lens value to get the magnification. We mentioned CCD digital imaging technology above. Optical magnification refers to the magnification of the object through the eyepiece to the CCD. On the other hand, image magnification usually refers to the actual object and image magnification. In fact, the difference between the two lies in the magnification method, not the magnified image size. The latter may use the processor in the CCD, which is not very clear. Choosing to use an optical lens structure to achieve magnification can ensure that the image effect is True, but Judging from the current development situation, both currently play important roles in different fields.

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