Vivitar Company and Camcorder

by:Sinowon     2020-12-24

Vivitar Corporation would have been a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of photographic and optical equipment originally operating out of Oxnard, California. Since 2008 the Vivitar name is Sakar International's photographic and optical equipment brand.

The company's product line has included 35 mm SLR cameras, zoom lenses, flashes, binoculars, digital cameras, night vision products, point-and-shoot cameras, tripods, underwater cameras, as well as other photographic accessories.

The company was founded in 1938 as Ponder and Best by Max Ponder and John Best. Max Ponder headed the sales department, while John Best ran the operations side of the company. Ponder and Best first imported German-made photo equipment. After World War II, the partnership began to import cameras and photographic equipment from Japan. They were instrumental within the introduction of numerous brands in to the US marketplace including Mamiya/Sekor 35mm cameras, Kobena 8mm movie cameras, Sankyo/Komura wide/tele adapter lenses as well as a full line of photographic darkroom equipment imported from many manufacturers throughout Japan and then Taiwan. Ponder and Best were the first person to gain acceptance for lenses with interchangeable mounts allowing customers to work with the same lens on different manufacturers' camera bodies.

A Safe Way to Recover Lost Videos from Vivitar Camcorder

Deleting or erasing video clips from camcorder is a terrible experience, what's worst, these video files are so important for you, if they are your works for your clients or your cherished memories for you and your family. For most of our technology newbie, if this bad case occurred, we are not sure how to fix it, how to recover videos from camcorder, maybe you are going to google.com to search some best and easy method to help you solve this problem as soon as possible. While, we can not deny that searching methods online would cost you lots of time, if your video files are so important that need to be recovered as soon as possible, when there is a effective and easiest way to let you fix this problem, I suppose you must be extremely happy. Here I would like to tell you this fast and efficiently way to recover deleted videos from camcorder.

Firstly of all, you need to go to google.com and type relevant keywords 'Mac video recovery', and then there will be more than 25,000 results for your to select, what you need to do is just click any one of them to open on your browser. When accessing the official website, you will see a green download button for you to free download the video recovery software on Mac OS. The only difference between trial version and registered one is recovery feature, the trial version can only scan your lost video files on Mac or memory card from digital camcorder, and if you want to restore them, then pay for it.

Secondly, when downloading and install this program on Mac, you need to run it and connect memory card of Vivitar camcorder memory card into Mac, and then there will be a memory card partition displayed on the program, just clicking it to scan the lost video files. A moment later, a list of scanned video clips will show on the left side of software. When you want to view them in advance, just hitting 'Preview' button; and 'Recovery' button allows you to get the files back successfully.

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