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Electronic pulse (EMP );It was a force that we stumbled upon in the early days of the Christmas Island and the Eniwetok atomic test to cope.This discovery is in H-The bomb detonated and extinguished street lights in Hawaii hundreds of miles away and affected Australian radio stations in the early 1050 s.

(CME) event.This is what we found in 1968, when there was a massive power outage in the United States and northeast Canada, and the northern pipeline broke.Eventually in the western part of the year when sunspots were the biggest, they were linked to the sun.

We came to Earth from the sun.I learned a lot from these different events.At first, we thought we could only use H-But by understanding the Compton effect, first described in 1920, and causing intense radiation in almost an instant, we learned how to do this with conventional explosives and electrical surges generated by appropriate electrical equipment.So far, we can use traditional explosives, or use high power discharges in powerful surges to make it in a nano-second time.We also learned how to concentrate this energy burst in a highly concentrated and oriented way.With this, we can now pinpoint a specific target rather than taking everything out of the emitter in radial mode.Now the launch can be aimed like a laser.
EMP works a bit like induction, where the current pulse is captured by a closed circuit.Only in this case, it is similar to an overload and blow amplifier only in a circuit or more specifically in an electronic device.The sudden pulse of the current flooded the device and melted the circuit that made it useless.

, A sudden surge in tens of thousands of volts and amps measured enough to melt the whole device and even trigger a fire that would cause non-electrical.

Missiles mounted on cruise missiles were used in Iraq\'s main target Baghdad during the Desert Storm in 1991.

In the laser and focused beam in the LPAD crowd control device, there is no doubt that for small targets like incoming missiles and jet attacks, an electron pulse can be similarly focused in a narrow and coherent beam.

So nothing is hurt except in the direct path of the beam.Having such a beam device means that there is very little transmission loss because the beam is coherent and not spreading outward.In this type of beam, there is no square in the distance of the energy drop, so the beam is effective thousands of miles away, because one area of it within the visual range is local.With the beam, a specific target can be selected, while the rest of the targets will not be harmed.
The EMP generator can generate induction magnetic energy pulses that can destroy sensitive electronic devices in computers, microprocessor and electronic control systems.By interrupting the switch using an explosive wire, the unstable EMP circuit can generate multiple MW pulses.These high power pulses can be coupled to the antenna, the cone section, the horn, the parabolic reflector, etc. to produce a very large directional effect.The fact that the antenna can be used suggests that the EMP can be tuned to a specific frequency of a particular target, while not harming anything that is off-frequency and non-resonant.

This avoids dangerous heights.speed chases.The trick is to generate high enough power pulses to fry the electronic control processor and invalidate the rest of the vehicle.This is much simpler if the vehicle is covered with plastic or fiberglass instead of metal.Since newer vehicles are made of composite materials, this makes them more vulnerable than older vehicles using steel plates or aluminum.The shielding of the metal body provides a challenge for researchers to develop practical systems.This shield, also known as the Faraday cage, absorbs these pulses and deflects them from sensitive electronic devices inside.However, it is not always possible to make a Faraday cage completely defective and it needs to be grounded, especially for aircraft that must have other methods to release energy innocently or direct energy to the surroundings of the vehicle\'s shell, a system that penetrates the metal can be established, but this is expensive, causing collateral damage to friendly targets.In this case, it is better to use a high first

Then there is an EMP outbreak on the same path.

Scyllac Type 1.3 Microfarad 100,000 v energy storage capacitor: this is the holy grail of high energy fast discharge capacitors.These large units are part of the dream of many high-pressure, high-energy experimenters.

is rated 1.With a discharge capacity of 100,000 amps, 3 mfd at 60,000 volts.Ultra-low inductance is very good for impact pulse, wire explosion, EMP generation, neutron generation, etc..

Their initial ratingsThe unit measures 14 ° l × 11 ° w × 25 ° h and weighs 220 pounds with the grounding ring terminal.
Antenna, cone or parabolic reflector: this is mounted on the business end of the device, which collects most of the pulses from point sources radiating outward.Set the transmitter at the focal point deep in the reflector.In this way, most beams bounce from the reflector and are emitted from the reflector in a parallel manner.Something from the transmitter, if not reflected, is not enough at a distance to cause damage to the beam.Even at close range, the proper design will reduce it to close to zero.
Trigger or remote switch-Control: handheld device, the trigger is a basic switch that turns off the circuit and starts the rapid discharge of the capacitor, which dumps all its stored energy into the circuit at the same time, thus, the EMP can be destroyed by sensing other circuits at a certain distance.The remote control switch is triggered from ground or satellite signals, and so is it.This is very useful for devices for multiple uses that can be brought back for recharging and deployed again.For the single-Using a \"bomb\", the switch triggers an explosive that acts on a heavy coil to produce an EMP surge.
Circuit: consisting of heavy duty copper cables, capable of handling this surge in a few milliseconds without melting.It includes capacitors and switches.
Charger or charging connection: the purpose of the charger is to store a large amount of potential electrical energy into the capacitor bank until the circuit switch is off.The charger is usually not in the remote control EMP device, but on the ground model, there may be halfPermanent connection between charger and device capacitor bank.
Sight or laser indicator: for Crossbeam defense weapons, sight is essential and must be aligned with the beam of the weapon at launch.When EMP travels at the speed of light, it is accurate to see at the moment of discharge that the target is everything needed to affect almost instantaneous results.Another option is to coupling a laser indicator aligned with the weapon beam.
Superstructure: this is the framework to put all the components together as a working whole.The superstructure can be configured with flying drones or similar rifles.It may even be a satellite that is charged by a solar panel and ready to launch at any time.
It wasn\'t until recently (1991) that the EMP bomb began to appear in the headlines, but the concept of the EMP weapon has been around for a long time, almost from the moment it was discovered.From 1960 to 1980, the United States is most concerned about the possibility of nuclear weapons.EMP attack from low Earth orbit position.The idea dates back to nuclear weapons research in the 1950 s.In 1958, some surprising results were achieved in the hydrogen bomb test in the United States.

In 1925, the theory was put forward by physicist Arthur Templeton.Compton\'s argument is that photons of induction energy can tap loose electrons from atoms with low atomic ordinal numbers (based on Einstein\'s earlier study of photoelectric effects ).In the 1958 test, the researchers concluded that photons from the explosion of intense gamma radiation hit a large number of electrons in the atmosphere that do not contain oxygen and nitrogen atoms.

.Since then, we have learned that the mass injection of the solar corona (CME) can produce exactly the same effect, only directly on the magnetic ball, causing it to fluctuate and vibrate violently, thus generating induction in any long conductor.The resulting electro-magnetic pulses cause strong currents in all conductive materials over a large area, such as pipes, rail tracks, wires and any other continuous structures, including metal fences around large pastures.This effect can be so strong that it will not only lead to power outages, but also lead to a burst of pipes, broken rails, and a long fence that triggers wildfires to generate an arc.
During the Cold War with the former Soviet UnionS.The intelligence department is concerned that the Soviet Union will launch a nuclear missile and detonate it 50 kilometers (30 miles) above the United States to achieve the same effect on a larger scale.

Equipment throughout the United States.The deployment in Iraq in 1991 of the first wartime use of EMP will prove to be true.
This kind of atomic attack is possible. even terrorists do not have more than 1940 technologies, but this is no longer the main concern of the United States.Today, U.S.The intelligence services are giving more attention to non-nuclear EMP devices, such as EMP bombs, because they are even easier to manufacture from spare parts and war surplus items.These weapons will not affect such a wide area, because they will not emit such high photons above the Earth.However, they can be used at a more local level, such as in Baghdad on 1991, resulting in a total power outage.

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