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by:Sinowon     2021-01-01

With the changing production scenario on account of the issues like limited procurement of raw material, space, human resources, etc., electronic industry required to create outsourced manufacturing facilities. This new requirement in the electronic industry which is accredited as electronic manufacturing services (EMS) is referred to the companies that are involved in designing, assembly, manufacturing, testing and repairing electronic components.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production was the key process step which had been looked after by the EMS firms, previously.

Vapor Phase Reflow products, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing, Selective solder machines, Surface mount (SMT) lines, Circuit Board Depaneling, Stereo Microscopes, PCB cleaning, Industrial Detergents etc. are what we say yield improvement products. These products protect the PCB during value-added steps involved in the assembly. However, the challenges in manufacturing including shrinking package sizes, high density components along with mounting alloy costs, are increasing these days by leaps and bounds. Hence, leading edge assembly equipment is essential to improve the product quality.

You can find the premier leading edge assembly equipment at A-Tek, which has been the leading supplier of high-tech printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing equipment since 2005. To provide high-standard assembly equipment that will improve the product quality is the prime motto of A-Tek. And to provide yield improvement products that can provide protection to the PCB during the value-added steps at the time of assembly.

Circuit Board Depaneling is one of the key process steps:

Alike other important steps during assembly; Circuit Board Depaneling is a key process step in high-volume electronics assembly production. This process in used in electronic equipment manufacturing. Along with the continuously reducing size of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) their components also are becoming tinier. Hence, these days it has become a common practice to manufacture a single multi surface board comprising of numerous smaller PCBs, which can be depaneled or disassembled at a particular stage throughout the production process, and can be used as an end product.

Any Circuit Board Depaneling needs to be undertaken with the utmost accuracy to elude any possibility of stress. Since, it is critical to have less stress on the PCB components on account of its delicate nature and the complicated details used in their production.

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