What about FOB of brinell hardness test?
How large is the order quantity? Where is the destination? You may contact Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. first; maybe the price can also be "customized". Under FOB, we arrange for the transport of goods to a designated port or other point of origin. Once brinell hardness test is released to you and when the goods are onboard the ship, the delivery is considered accomplished. Pricing is just a start of our services. Any problems after the delivery will be solved.
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Sinowon is a company specializing in industrial microscope production. We have a variety of products. Sinowon's vision measurement system is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The product has no electrical hazards. Ground Continuity test (GC) has been carried out to prevent unsuitable current is created and flows to the earth. It is up to both domestic and international standards. It will balance the sleepers' temperature so well that they don’t wake up all hot and sweaty, and they never feel like they are too cold at night. The product can be controlled in a motorized way, to eliminate errors caused by manual operation.
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We have corporated with our customers to realize their sustainability goals in a safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally conscious manner.

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