What accessories should be used when the four-ball friction testing machine is used for parts processing

by:Sinowon     2021-07-18
What accessories should be used when the four-ball friction testing machine is used for parts processing
   The four-ball friction testing machine introduces the principle of process control, closely combines the industrial control computer with configuration software technology and network technology; and adopts an integrated structural design to integrate the embedded industrial control computer, configuration software, acquisition module, and execution The device is combined in a frame to complete the control of the entire test process. All test operations can be performed in the main computer interface. It has flexible configuration control methods, various friction pairs, large speed adjustment ranges, and can simulate high-temperature environments. Features such as high degree of automation, convenient use and adjustment.   The four-ball friction testing machine can simulate rolling, sliding or sliding-rolling compound motion under a certain contact pressure to complete point, line and surface friction simulation tests. It can be used to evaluate the friction and wear performance of lubricants, metals, plastics, coatings, rubber, ceramics and other materials. It can not only meet the needs of users in the traditional petrochemical industry for research, development, and testing of various medium and high-end series of hydraulic oils, internal combustion engine oils, and gear oils, but also meet the needs of users in the development of new materials and new process research for simulation evaluation and testing.   The parts processing of the four-ball friction testing machine includes the production of blanks and the process of machining, special processing and heat treatment on the blanks to make them qualified parts. A few parts are processed by precision casting or precision casting and other iron-free processing methods. Usually, the methods of producing the blanks of the testing machine include casting, forging, welding, etc.; the commonly used machining methods include: fitter processing, turning processing, drilling iron filings, etc., and there are many more, here is not one example, four-ball friction test Commonly used heat treatment methods for machines include normalizing, annealing, tempering, aging, quenching and tempering, quenching, etc.; there are also many special processing methods, such as EDM, wire EDM, etc., and proper processing methods can ensure friction and wear. The quality of the testing machine produces qualified parts. The four-ball friction testing machine is a kind of testing equipment designed according to the high performance judgment standard of lubricating oil. It is also a consumable. It does not refer to the consumption of the main machine of the equipment, but the consumption of the test medium. See the consumables above. Scratches, to judge the anti-extrusion or anti-wear properties of lubricants, mainly used:    1. Lubricant. This is the real sample, that is, the test object.   2. Steel ball. This steel ball has a certain hardness and size according to national standards, with a diameter of 12.7 and a hardness of about 65 Roche.   3. Wear scar measurement system or microscope. This is a viewing tool for detecting scratches and wear scars. The wear scar measurement system can store the wear scars in the form of electronic pictures on the computer or send them to customers or file for inquiries. The microscope can only judge the eligibility of the scratches and wear scars on the spot. These are all accessories of the four-ball friction testing machine, and they are also required products, and they are also considered as consumables.

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