What are the advantages of automatic image measuring instrument compared to manual?

by:Sinowon     2021-04-25
What are the advantages of automatic image measuring instrument compared to manual? Published: 2019-10-16 Source: http://www.microaccuracy.com/ Image measuring instruments are precision measurement equipment that needs to be used in many fields, and image measuring instruments have gradually developed from traditional manual to automated. At present, automatic Video measuring instruments are more popular in the market. What are the advantages of automatic video measuring instruments compared to manual ones? There is a big difference between manual and fully automatic image measuring instruments, especially the price of automatic image measuring instruments is much higher, but they also have better application performance: manual measuring instruments are in operation due to Human operation factors have large defects in efficiency and measurement accuracy. The automatic image measuring instrument is based on CCD photography technology to achieve measurement. In order to obtain high-quality images that are easy to process, it needs to be processed by a light source. Irradiation makes the contour shape of the parts in the captured image clearer, and the accuracy can be improved during image processing, which is conducive to obtaining higher measurement accuracy. In the light source, the automatic image measuring instrument also has a better advantage. Its light source is generally composed of light-emitting diodes (LED), and different arrangements and densities of LEDs can form different light sources. With the development and wide application of measurement technology, the light source of the automatic image measuring instrument is gradually developing in the direction of multi-channel control. According to the actual needs of workpiece measurement, the program is controlled to select the single-channel or multi-channel light of the light source to achieve the best Measurement effect. Manual image measuring equipment requires human operation and control, so it is prone to large errors in the detection process, and its detection efficiency is far from that of automatic image measuring instruments, and it cannot meet the needs of a considerable number of customers. But the price will be relatively cheaper. In terms of performance and benefits, automatic image measuring instruments undoubtedly have very obvious advantages, but the specific measurement equipment to choose depends on the company’s own measurement needs and procurement budgets. At present, Miaoji Technology provides a variety of high High-quality measurement equipment such as precision image measuring instrument and one-button measuring instrument!
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