What are the causes of the error of the 2D measuring instrument?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-16
What are the causes of the error of the two-dimensional measuring instrument? Post time: 2019-11-21 Source: https://www.microaccuracy.com/ The two-dimensional measuring instrument needs to play a precise measurement role in the industrial field. If there is an error in the measurement process, it will easily affect the design and quality of the product, so it must Try to avoid errors. What causes the errors of the two-dimensional measuring instrument? Errors in the measurement results may be caused by incomplete measurement steps, some of which come from system errors, and some are from random errors. At present, the errors of the two-dimensional measuring instrument mainly come from the following aspects: System instrument error : This kind of error is mainly caused by the defect of the two-dimensional measuring instrument itself or the error caused by the instrument not using the instrument according to the specified conditions, such as external ambient light, temperature, humidity, electromagnetic field, and vibration will affect the equipment, if not in time If the adjustment is resolved, there will be errors! Operation error: This is mainly due to the error caused by the user's operation error in the measurement process. This type of error is more common in traditional manual measuring equipment. The use of a fully automatic two-dimensional measuring instrument can effectively reduce the operation error, but It is still necessary to pay attention to the details of the scanning and measurement process, so as to compensate for the occurrence of errors! Theoretical error method error: refers to the error caused by the measurement result that is similar to the theoretical formula itself, or the experimental conditions cannot meet the requirements of the theoretical formula, or the error caused by the imperfect experimental method itself. For example, in the thermal experiment, when measuring the volt-ampere resistance, the heat loss caused by heat dissipation is not considered, and the influence of the resistance in the meter on the experimental results is not considered. Errors in the use of two-dimensional measuring equipment can basically be classified into the above three aspects, which involve equipment and personal factors. Therefore, in order to reduce errors, in addition to mastering correct measurement operations, high-quality performance is also required. MiaoJi Technology can provide a variety of high-quality and high-performance two-dimensional measuring instruments, one-button measuring instruments and other equipment!
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