What are the commonly used precision testing instruments (image measuring instruments)?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-14

We often manufacture and use various precision measuring instruments in industry. The measuring instrument is a third-party standard that needs to be measured in order to obtain certain attribute values u200bu200bof the measured part, such as: optical image measuring instrument, three-coordinate measuring instrument Wait, Yuanxing Hengquan Precision Instrument will introduce you to what commonly used precision testing What is the instrument? First of all, we are familiar with the precision measuring instrument, the first is the image measuring instrument, also known as the optical image instrument, and the second element image instrument, or simply the second element. It is one of the most widely used precision measuring instruments, mainly used for it is an image measuring instrument, mainly used for detecting the two-dimensional data of the workpiece. Since the optical image measuring instrument is mainly used for two-dimensional inspection, we have developed and produced three-dimensional on the basis of two-dimensional. This is what we usually call a three-coordinate measuring machine, which increases the height of length and width detection. The inspection function is the main inspection tool such as mold inspection. When using an optical image measuring instrument and a three-coordinate measuring machine, we divide it into manual and automatic two-dimensional and three-coordinates according to the operating mode of the instrument. In today's market, we use them more commonly. They are CNC 2D and CNC 3D, because they can more accurately detect the parameters and data we need, and the operation is more convenient. Among the commonly used precision measuring instruments, in addition to the two-dimensional image measuring instrument and the three-dimensional measuring instrument, there is also a special high-precision measuring instrument, that is, the 2.5-dimensional is between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional coordinates. The probe is installed on the basis of two-dimensional elements to achieve a simple three-dimensional detection function, so we call it 2.5-dimensional. Their basic function is to better detect the workpiece and provide a guarantee for the safe production of the product. Therefore, we say that precision measuring instruments are indispensable in modern industrial production.

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