What are the influencing factors that need to be avoided when the image measuring instrument is used?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-06
What are the influencing factors that need to be avoided when the image measuring instrument is used? The image measuring instrument is an advanced and very precise measurement method. In order to maintain this commendable accuracy, in addition to the purchase of less supply and good service coordination equipment, everyone must also do a good job in the use process, and maintain the components. , Especially the transmission and gas system in the equipment, then, what factors should be avoided in the application process that will affect the measurement equipment? 1. Avoid the impact on the temperature of the computer room. Since the image measuring instrument equipment needs to be used under constant temperature conditions, reasonable insulation measures should be taken in the computer room where the equipment is located to avoid the adverse effects of high temperature and low temperature changes of the image measuring instrument equipment. Therefore, double-glazed windows should be used in the computer room, and direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible. In addition, a transition room should be set at the entrance of the machine room to reduce temperature loss in the machine room. 2. Avoid the impact on the failure of the gas system. If the gas path system in the image measuring instrument fails, it will affect the application of the equipment. Therefore, the gas path system should be properly maintained to avoid the use of degraded lubricants, and care must be taken not to let moisture Enter the lubricant and gas path. In addition, in the system, the filter elements of various filters in the gas pipeline system should be cleaned regularly, because when filtering oil and water, the filter element will be blocked by the oil. 3. Avoid the influence of air conditioner wind direction. In order to maintain a constant temperature in the computer room, air conditioners are usually installed. However, the air blown directly from the air outlet of the air conditioner is usually lower than room temperature. Changes have caused problems with the equipment. Therefore, the installation location of the air conditioner should be properly planned and the air outlet should be upward.

The above aspects are some of the influencing factors that should be avoided in the process of using the image measuring instrument. Since the well-known image measuring instrument is a very precise test instrument, it contains many easily affected parts. Under the conditions of use and no external factors, the use of image measuring equipment will be more normal.

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