What are the inspection and repair procedures for the image measuring instrument?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-08

What are the inspection and repair procedures for the image measuring instrument? Instrumentation is used in various production companies, and is more widely used in electronic production companies. Many electronic products have to pass instrument testing before they can leave the factory, similar to image measuring instruments and other instruments for testing electronic components. Instrument testing can reduce the chance of waste and defective products, and can improve the quality of enterprise products. However, the inspection of instruments is also very important. Take electronics companies as an example to briefly describe several common methods of instrument repair: 1. Inquiry method, the earlier commonly used method is to inquire about instruments, using vision, smell, touch, hearing, etc. , To see if the instrument has a burning smell, whether it is mottled, and whether there is noise. Generally, a burned-out instrument will have an unpleasant smell, which is easy to smell. If the chip is short-circuited, it will feel hot. The cracked part can be seen with the eyes, and sometimes the abnormal noise of the machine can be heard. Maybe the instrument has a problem. 2. Restart method. If the instrument is in poor contact or temporarily not working properly, you can turn off the instrument, plug in the power switch from the beginning, or tap the faulty part of the instrument, and then restart it. After restarting, check whether the instrument can operate normally. If so, it means that some parts of the instrument are poorly connected or the power supply is poorly connected. 3. Temperature scheduling method. Due to seasons, the temperature is sometimes too high or too low, which may affect the instrument. If the instrument is closed after a defect and restarted after a period of time, the defect will occur again after a period of normal operation. If this phenomenon is repeated, it may be that a certain part of the instrument cannot be used normally due to the temperature increase during operation. You can use absolute alcohol to cool it down. Regarding the temperature is too low, you can schedule the indoor working environment temperature. 4. Elimination method: When the instrument is defective, you can unplug some internal plug-in boards or devices. Assuming that the instrument recovers normally after a certain device is unplugged, it means that the unplugged part has a problem. 5. Replacement method. Assuming that you know the defective device of the instrument, you may not be sure whether it is a problem with a certain component. You can replace the same new device to see whether the failure has been completely resolved. 6. The comparison method, assuming that there are commonly used necessary equipment such as multimeters and oscilloscopes, and there are two instruments of the same type, then some comparison tests can be carried out. For example, waveform comparison, voltage comparison, current comparison, output effect comparison, and so on. Run the normal instrument and the tested instrument under the same conditions, and then measure these comparative data. Assuming that some locality is different, it is very likely that the problem is presented here. 7. The flow chart method of image measuring instrument, according to the flow chart to eliminate and reduce the shortcomings one by one. It is not necessary to use the same type of instrument to perform the same condition detection and comparison. The reasons for the shortcomings can be checked through signal comparison, component communication and other methods. The method is more convenient and fast.

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