What are the main functions of the CMM?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-11

What are the main functions of the CMM? With its high precision, high flexibility and excellent digital capabilities, the coordinate measuring machine has become an important means of design, development, processing and quality assurance in modern manufacturing (especially the mold industry). It mainly has several functions: detection function ,Reverse Engineering. An effective tool for mold quality assurance: coordinate measuring machines are widely used in the mold industry. It is a modern intelligent tool for design development, testing and statistical analysis. It is also an effective tool to obtain unparalleled quality and technical support for mold products. The three coordinate measuring machines mainly used at present include bridge measuring machines, gantry measuring machines, horizontal arm measuring machines and portable measuring machines. The measurement method can be roughly divided into contact type and non-contact type. If there is a deviation between the mold cavity and the guide bushing guide sleeve, the deviation value can be found by the coordinate measuring machine for correction. After processing the cavity profile of the mold, the electric electrodes on the electric pulse will form many inserts and partial curved surfaces. Therefore, the quality of the electrode processing and the non-standard surface quality become the key to solving the problem. Therefore, it is necessary to use a coordinate measuring machine to measure the shape of the electrode. The coordinate measuring machine can use the input of 3D digital model, compare the positioning, the size of the mold completed with the digital mold, related geometric tolerances, curves and surfaces, and output graphic reports to intuitively and clearly reflect the quality of the mold, forming the completeness of the finished product testing report.

In some cases, the mold has been used for a period of time and the wear has been corrected, but there is no original design data, that is, a digital model. The point cloud can be used to collect the point cloud, and the output is compensated in the specified format, and Compensate the probe radius for the shape to achieve perfection as the initial repair effect. When some surface contours are neither arc nor parabolic, but some irregular surfaces, you can use cement or plaster to manually use the surface as the bottom embryo . Then use the coordinate measuring machine to measure the section line, feature line and parting line on each section, and output it in the specified format. In the modeling process, the shape and smooth curve of the probe radius compensation are used to design and manufacture a new mold. The correct use of a coordinate measuring machine plays a key role in its service life and accuracy. Please pay attention to the following points for the image measuring instrument: 1. Before lifting the workpiece, return the probe to the origin of the coordinate to leave a larger space for the lifting position; 2. The workpiece should be lifted steadily and not hit the coordinate measuring machine. Any component. Install the parts correctly and ensure that the isothermal requirements of the parts and the measuring machine are met before installation. 3. Establish a correct coordinate system to ensure that the constructed coordinate system meets the requirements of the drawings to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data.

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