What are the measurement functions of the image measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-02
What are the measurement functions of the image measuring instrument?

   Customers who purchase an image measuring instrument, some people have a simple understanding of the image measuring instrument and know its general function. However, the price of high-precision testing equipment such as image measuring instruments is generally not cheap, and the market price is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and their functions are far more than one. Next, Miaoji Precision will popularize the measurement functions of the precision image measuring instrument?

  The image measuring instrument has the following measurement functions:

  1 , Multi-point measurement point, line, circle, solitary, ellipse, rectangle, improve measurement accuracy;

  2, combined measurement, center point structure, intersection structure, line structure, circle structure, angle structure;

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  3, coordinate translation and coordinate correction, improve measurement efficiency;

  4, gather instructions, batch measurement of the same workpiece is more convenient and quicker, and improve measurement efficiency;

5. The measurement data is directly input into AutoCAD to become a complete engineering drawing;

   6. The measurement data can be input into Excel or Word for statistical analysis, and a simple Xbar-S control chart can be cut out. Find out various parameters such as Ca;

  7, multi-language interface switching;

  8, record user programs, edit instructions, and teach execution;

  9 , Large map navigation function, special three-dimensional rotating light for knife mold, 3D scanning system, fast auto focus, automatic zoom lens;

  10, optional contact probe measurement, software can freely implement probe /Image conversion, used for contact measurement of irregular products, such as ellipse, radian, flatness, etc.; it can also be directly dotted with a probe and imported into the reverse engineering software for further processing!

  11 , The image measuring instrument can also detect the roundness, straightness, and radian of round objects;

  12. Flatness detection: The flatness of the workpiece is detected by the laser probe;

13. Professional measurement function for gears

  14. Special measurement function for test sieves used by major metrology institutes across the country by measuring instrument manufacturers

  15. Comparison function of drawings and measured data

   The above is an introduction to the measurement functions of the image measuring instrument. I hope you can know and use the image measuring instrument. Miaoji Precision focuses on the Ru0026D and manufacturing of precision instruments. At present, it can provide automatic image measuring instruments, automatic image measuring instruments, one-button image measuring instruments, three-coordinate measuring machines and other products. Welcome to consult.

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