What are the precautions and zero adjustment methods of the hydraulic universal testing machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-07-10
What are the precautions and zero adjustment methods of the hydraulic universal testing machine?
The hydraulic universal testing machine is a hydraulic material testing machine that can perform various tests such as tension, compression, and bending. The hydraulic universal testing machine is used for the tensile, compression, bending and shear tests of various metal and non-metal materials, as well as special tests of some products. Do you know about the hydraulic universal testing machine? Let’s talk about the hydraulic universal testing machine. Let's take a look at the precautions and zero adjustment methods of the testing machine. 1. Precautions for hydraulic universal testing machine 1. Please close the oil delivery valve in time. The oil delivery valve should be closed in time after shutting down before starting the machine. Loading, unloading and oil return must be carried out slowly to prevent impact 2. Hydraulic universal testing machine After the sample is tightened, the position of the clamp can not be adjusted. 3. During use, the attention value is loaded and the beam moves, and do not exceed the maximum range. 4. After turning on any abnormality, you can press the emergency stop switch to turn off the testing machine. 2. Hydraulic Zero adjustment method of universal testing machine 1. Turn on the test equipment, computer, control software 2. For hydraulic universal testing machine, select the appropriate range according to the sample, adjust the oil delivery valve to raise the cylinder piston, and repeat it several times. When it is rising and not under pressure, observe whether the test force value of the computer at this time is zero. If it is not zero, click the hardware adjustment button to adjust the zero point 3. When the zero point is too large, adjust the zero point first, and then check each gear separately. Software reset 4. When the oil cylinder is not raised, the test force shows a negative value, which is a normal phenomenon. Please do not adjust the zero point. 5. For the zero point adjustment, the extensometer should be clamped on the sample after the test piston is in a static state 6. Under normal circumstances, the speed regulator has adjusted the zero point of the sensor. Every time it is started, the system will automatically calibrate the start zero point, without the need for the user to adjust again. 7. The user can use the hardware zero button to adjust the hardware zero point, and the system will Automatically record the new zero point adjustment value 8. Non-step measurement without adjusting the zero point. Mechanical equipment is essentially the same. The coordinated operation of different components can make the whole experiment process smoother and the experimental data more smoothly only by mastering the correct method. accurate. The above is the introduction of the precautions and the zero adjustment method of the hydraulic universal testing machine.

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