What aspects are related to the temperature uniformity of the thermal shock test chamber?

by:Sinowon     2021-07-20
What aspects are related to the temperature uniformity of the thermal shock test chamber?
What are the reasons that affect the temperature uniformity of the thermal shock test machine? Testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has summarized the following factors for reference only. 1. Box structure: The structure of the temperature shock testing machine greatly affects the temperature during work. Because the structure is difficult to be completely symmetrical, the temperature is uniform. Cause adverse effects. 2. Heat conduction: The heat conduction of the box wall is not smooth, resulting in heat loss such as heat leakage (high temperature box) or cold leakage (low temperature box). In order to compensate for the heat loss, there must be a temperature difference in the supply air, and the supply air temperature of the high temperature box is higher than the inside of the box Working temperature, the air supply temperature of the low-temperature box is lower than the operating temperature inside the box, this kind of air supply temperature difference will also make the temperature of the test box uneven. 3. Heat transfer: due to the unequal heat transfer coefficients on the six sides of the box wall, and some have local heat transfer such as threaded holes, the temperature of the box wall is uneven, so that the convective heat transfer of the box wall is also uneven, which affects the inside of the test box. The temperature is uniform. 4. Heat load: If enough test samples are placed in the working chamber of the cold and heat shock box to affect the overall internal heat convection, it will affect the uniformity of the internal temperature to a certain extent. For example, LED lighting products, the products themselves will have luminescence. The case of heat generation becomes a heat load, which has a great influence on the temperature uniformity. 5. Sample size: If the sample volume is too large or the sample placement and method are unreasonable, the air convection in the room will be blocked and the temperature uniformity will also be affected. 6. Tightness: The tightness of the box and the door is not tight, such as seams in non-customized sealing strips, air leakage from the door, etc., which will also affect the temperature uniformity of the working space. The above is the relevant knowledge of the high and low temperature impact testing machine summarized by the editor of the testing machine. I hope it can help you. For more news and information, please refer to the official website for the technical articles of the testing machine! All staff will serve you wholeheartedly!

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