What aspects should be paid attention to when measuring a workpiece with a coordinate measuring machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-19
What aspects should be paid attention to when measuring a workpiece with a coordinate measuring machine? Published: 2019-12-31 Source: https://www.microaccuracy.com/ Coordinate measuring machines are widely used in the measurement of precision workpieces in manufacturing, and use accurate measurement data to assist enterprises in quality control and production improvement, so use The accuracy of process measurement is very important. What aspects should be paid attention to when measuring workpieces with coordinate measuring machines? The coordinate measuring machine is a precision measuring instrument that can achieve high-precision data measurement, but it is also susceptible to many factors affecting the measurement accuracy. Therefore, pay more attention to the operation process and pay attention to the following aspects in the process of measuring the workpiece: When the coordinate measuring machine is operated, not only should the operating staff wear relatively neat work clothes, but also dense cotton gloves should be worn on their hands. In addition, you cannot directly touch the more precise parts of the coordinate measuring machine with your hands, so as to avoid corrosion and affect the accuracy of the equipment. 2. Before putting some workpieces to be measured on the operating table of the coordinate measuring machine for inspection, the burrs or iron filings on the workpiece must be cleaned up, because once these burrs or iron filings are left in the equipment On the workbench, it will affect the measurement accuracy of the coordinate measuring machine. 3. The parts to be measured should be placed in the coordinate measuring machine in advance before the measurement. This ensures precise measurement results and avoids measurement errors due to temperature changes on the basis that the temperature of the measured parts is the same as that of the three-coordinates. 4. If you are measuring large or heavy workpieces, you must handle these workpieces gently when placing them on the workbench, because the vibration of these measured parts will also affect the workpiece measurement accuracy. There are many factors that cause the error of the coordinate measuring machine, but pay more attention to the operation and use, and most of the errors can be avoided in the correct way, and the workpiece can be accurately detected. Miaoji Technology has focused on the Ru0026D and production of three-coordinate equipment for many years, and currently can provide a variety of high-quality three-coordinate measuring equipment!
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