What companies are producing metallurgical equipment?
In recent years, the fast-growing economy has driven the rise of the metallurgical equipment and the popularity of related industry. Under this circumstance, there arises plenty of manufacturers of different sizes. Among them, Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. is highly recommended. Since established, we have been devoted ourselves to the design and R&D of the products. For now, we have independently developed new and competitive technology means. This not only helps the company develop several series of products with various functions and appearance but also gain a competitive edge in the industry.
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Sinowon is defined as the market leader in the high-end optical measurement market. As one of Sinowon's multiple product series, stereoscopic microscope series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The selection of materials for Sinowon measuring equipment is meticulous. It takes into consideration physical properties (density, melting point, elec/thermal properties, etc.) and mechanical properties (stiffness, elasticity, plasticity, etc.). It is supported by multiple languages say English, Turkish, and German. An internal team or a third-party team is hired to determine whether the product meets the standards. The product is well used in many large engineering projects.
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We value sustainable development. We partner the NGOs and communities on the larger goals pertaining to sustainable communities, cities, and regions.

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