What does a retailer of Finger Pulse Oximeters

by:Sinowon     2020-05-31
One of the most frustrating things that could happen to any customer who makes a purchase online is getting something that's dead on arrival. To go through the ordeal of calling having to wait after sending a product back for exchange can dampen anyone's mood. To minimize the chance of this happening to our customers, all our products are triple-tested. Each and every one of the products that we sell are tested three times before going out to our customers: the first time occurs when it leaves the factory, the second time when it arrives at our warehouse, and the third time when it gets shipped. Why do we test our products so many times? To ensure that our customers receive a product in perfect working condition. The first test makes sure that there were no manufacturing defects. The second test ensures that no items were damaged while in shipping. The third test is our most elaborate test. For the third test for Oximeter products, we use our Index 2 SpO2 Analyzer. The Index 2 SpO2 Analyzer is a Pulse Oximeter tester. The device allows simulating a human finger with varying levels of blood oxygen saturation, arterial bloodflow, and pulse rates. Advanced functionality such as tap/shiver motion simulation helps us explore the impact that body motion has on the reading. As quoted from the manufacturer's website... 'The Index-2 is the industry standard SpO2 analyzer and is used by major manufacturers such as Nellcor, Masimo, Philips Medical Systems, Datex-Ohmeda, Criticare and other industry leaders. The Index-2 implements several patent-protected techniques for optical simulation and motion, including sixteen (16) motion pre-sets co-developed with both Masimo and Nellcor. Index-2 was the first SpO2 simulator to support Masimo technology and still is the only simulator on the market that combines both optical and electrical simulation with dynamic SpO2 sensor and probe testing in one portable test instrument.' What does this mean for you, the customer? Not only does every oximeter we sell get tested for functionality, but also for accuracy and precision. This helps take the guesswork out of our quality assurance process, and further eliminate the possibility of product defects. By comparing the readings from each oximeter on the industry-leading analysis tool, we make sure that each and every pulse oximeter we sell is a product with quality we can stand behind. OB_MP_feed = 'http://www.articlealley.com'; Loading... More to Explore Girlfriend Sayings An Electric Car for the Family Top 10 Beaches in the World Top 10 European Ski Resorts Top 10 High Demand High Paying Jobs in Australia GA_googleFillSlot('Healthcaretopbanner');
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