What fields is polishing equipment applied in?
Currently, the polishing equipment mainly applies to the manufacturing industry. Regarding the specific fields, it is a great variety. It really does good to the development of varied businesses. Its functions are highly spoken of by the purchasers and downstream manufacturers. In the future, its targets may be extended to more segments, covering both industrial use and individual use. This would be a significant promotion for the application of this product and would be another drive for profit increasing.
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Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. is a leading brand in rockwell hardness industry. Sinowon's rockwell hardness series include multiple types. Sinowon horizontal projection profile will be tested for a wide range of aspects. It has passed testings in durability, structural strength, impact resistance, anti-wear performance, and stain resistance. Its quality and accuracy are improved every year. Being able to slightly support the arch, the product can improve step balance and foot strength when people are walking. Innovation is always made to update the product.
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