What impact will climate change have on the two-dimensional measuring instrument?

by:Sinowon     2021-04-28
What impact will climate change have on the two-dimensional measuring instrument? Post time: 2020-03-12 Source: https://www.microaccuracy.com/ The second element measuring instrument is a high-precision instrument and equipment. It is easily affected by many factors in the process of use, and climate changes will also affect the equipment. Cause a certain impact, what impact will climate change have on the two-dimensional measuring instrument? The two-dimensional measuring instrument can achieve accurate measurement, but environmental factors have a significant impact on the accuracy. For example, changes in climate will cause changes in dry humidity and temperature, which will affect the equipment as follows: Circuit board failure: the two-dimensional measuring instrument sometimes There will be an abnormal failure, but it can continue to be used after restarting. This situation is caused by static electricity. In winter, the climate is dry, and the indoor humidity is not up to the required level. If the humidity is too high, the circuit board will be disturbed by static electricity, and some errors will occur. The humidity of the climate will affect the equipment. Amplifier error: The two-dimensional image measuring instrument uses a grating ruler and readings for counting. The gap between the two is very demanding. If the temperature changes too fast, the mounting seat will also change with the temperature expansion, causing the gap to change, which will occur Amplifier error, similar errors and zero point not found after returning to zero, the two-dimensional measuring instrument has a rubbing sound when it is running, and the reading hits the mounting frame of the grating. This situation is suitable for temperature changes, and the temperature can be fixed for a period of time. , Generally about 2 hours is enough. Inaccurate accuracy: Temperature has a great influence on the measurement accuracy of the two-dimensional measuring instrument. Thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes will cause subtle changes, which will affect the accuracy of measurement. Therefore, the equipment generally needs to be in a constant temperature computer room use. Climate changes will have a greater impact on the measurement and use of equipment, so climate factors must be considered. It is generally recommended to configure equipment room space with constant temperature and humidity. Miaoji Technology has focused on the research and development and production of precision measurement equipment for many years, and currently it can provide A variety of high-performance two-dimensional measuring instruments, one-button measuring instruments and other equipment!
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