What influencing factors should be avoided when using a coordinate measuring machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-16
What influencing factors should be avoided when using a coordinate measuring machine? Post time: 2019-11-14 Source: https://www.microaccuracy.com/ Coordinate measuring machine is a very important measurement equipment in the industrial field. It can achieve highly accurate measurement performance, but its measurement accuracy during use is easily affected. There are many influences, which influence factors should be avoided when using a three-coordinate measuring machine? Because there are many precision parts inside the coordinate measuring machine, and the surrounding environmental factors can easily affect it, resulting in measurement errors. Therefore, the following influences should be avoided in the process of using the coordinate measuring machine: The influence of the temperature in the machine room: the temperature is the cause of the measurement error Important factors. In the case of high-precision measurement, slight thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature will cause errors. Therefore, the CMM generally needs to be used in a constant temperature computer room. The computer room should have reasonable insulation measures. A transition room should be set up at the entrance of the computer room to reduce the temperature loss in the computer room, so as to avoid the adverse effects of high and low temperature changes on the three-coordinate measuring equipment. Influence of air-conditioning wind direction: Although the room temperature is kept constant in the computer room, for the computer room that uses air-conditioning for temperature maintenance, be careful not to let the coordinate measuring machine equipment face the direction of the air-conditioning blower, because the air blown directly from the air-conditioning outlet usually has to The temperature is lower than room temperature, which will cause temperature errors. Therefore, the air conditioner installation position should be reasonably planned and the air outlet should be upward. Impact of gas circuit system failure: Normally, the gas circuit system of the coordinate measuring machine should be well maintained, avoid using deteriorated lubricating oil, and be careful not to let moisture enter the lubricating oil and gas circuit system. In addition, the air should be cleaned regularly. The filter elements of various filters in the air circuit system, because the filter element itself is blocked by oil pollution while filtering oil and water, once the air circuit system fails, it will affect the normal measurement and use of the coordinate measuring machine. The above aspects are all factors that have a greater impact on the use of the three-coordinate measuring machine and are likely to cause measurement errors. Therefore, try to avoid them in the use process to improve the measurement accuracy. At present, Miaoji Technology can provide a variety of high-precision three-coordinate measuring machines and one-button measuring instruments, which can solve the high-precision measurement needs of enterprises in various fields!
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