What is the current development trend of image measuring instruments?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-03

What is the current development trend of image measuring instruments? Among the more commonly used instruments in the field of optical measurement, in addition to image 2.5-dimensional measuring instruments and three-dimensional measuring instruments, there is also a special high-precision measuring instrument. The probe is added on the basis of the second dimension to achieve a simple three-dimensional inspection function, which is why we call it the second dimension. In the image industry measuring instruments, there are many different instrument categories, and these instruments have their own development in their respective fields. As a relatively special industry in the instrument field, the development trajectory of precision measuring instruments is different from other instrument categories (such as image 2.5-dimensional measuring instruments and coordinate measuring machines). Over the years, their respective developments have been accumulated. Therefore, from the development of precision measuring instruments, we can see that the development process from two-dimensional to three-coordinates is very similar to some processes. Things in our lives, such as movies, when we watch movies, we also empathize with 3D 3D movies from the original plane angle and appreciate the full range of 4D vision, hearing, touch and smell. Whether it is a two-dimensional imager, a fully automatic image measuring instrument, a fully automatic three-dimensional measuring instrument or a 2.5-dimensional component, their basic function is to better detect the workpiece and provide the workpiece with a guarantee for the safe production of the product, so we say that the precision measuring instrument An indispensable testing instrument in modern industrial production. As for two-dimensional precision measuring instruments, we know that, like image 2.5-dimensional measuring instruments and three-dimensional measuring instruments, their development has evolved from simple projectors to rough manual two-dimensional elements and manual three-dimensional elements until today.

Each step of the development of the fully automatic two-dimensional imager and three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument is the inevitable result of the precision measuring instrument. However, please have the tools developed so far for these high-precision measuring instruments, have they not stalled yet? This is a topic that many precision measurement personnel pay close attention to. From 2.5-dimensional image measuring instrument to three-dimensional measuring instrument, no matter what kind of precision measuring instrument, it is at the forefront of the industry and has become the leader of the industry. For the future development of precision image measuring instruments, KSY Optoelectronics is also constantly researching and exploring, and strives to open up a new path for the development of the industry.

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