What is the standard operating procedure used by a coordinate measuring machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-21
What is the standard operating procedure used by a coordinate measuring machine? Published: 2019-09-10 Source: http://www.microaccuracy.com/ The measurement accuracy of a coordinate measuring machine is easily affected by many aspects. In addition to the performance and quality of the equipment itself, various operations during use will affect To the final measurement accuracy of the workpiece, what is the standard operating procedure used by the coordinate measuring machine? The coordinate measuring machine is easily affected by many factors such as measurement method, temperature and humidity, air pressure, sound, vibration, light and so on. In order to reduce the measurement error, the use of the coordinate measuring machine has a standard operating procedure: Preparation: Check the temperature, including the measuring machine room, measuring machine and parts: As long as the constant temperature of the machine room is reliable and can reach the temperature range required by the measuring machine, the main solution is the constant temperature of the parts (put into the measuring machine room in advance according to the specified time). Check the air pressure, release the oil and water in the filter, and clean the guide rail of the measuring machine and the surface of the worktable. Start running for a period of time, and check whether the software, control system, and measuring machine host work normally. During the inspection work of the coordinate measuring machine: ①Check the part drawings, understand the measurement requirements and methods, plan the inspection plan or call out the inspection procedure. ②In the process of hoisting and placing the tested parts, pay attention to the safety operating rules of the crane to protect the measuring machine and parts from damage. The parts are placed in a position that is convenient for testing, and the Abbe error is minimized and fixed firmly. ③Install the probe and probe accessories according to the measurement plan, press the emergency stop before proceeding, and pay attention to handle and release with proper force. After replacement, pay attention to test whether the probe protection function is normal. ④ During the measurement process, the operator should concentrate his energy, pay attention to the decelerating operation when running the program for the first time, and use the normal speed after confirming that the programming is correct. ⑤ Once there is an abnormal situation, press emergency stop immediately to protect the site, and after finding out the cause, continue operation or notify maintenance personnel for repair. ⑥After the test is completed, archive the measurement program, program operating parameters, and probe configuration, etc., and finally disassemble (replace) the parts. Shut down and tidy up work: After the measurement, return the coordinate measuring machine to the original position. After each inspection, you need to return to the original position, then remove the parts, turn off the measuring machine and related power in order, and clean the work surface and work. On-site, so as to ensure that the next use process is not affected by environmental pollution. The above is the standard operating procedure of the coordinate measuring machine used by Miaoji to share with you. Correct use according to the standard can reduce the occurrence of many errors, thereby bringing higher precision workpiece measurement. Miaoji currently has a variety of high-performance precision coordinate measuring machines, one-button measuring instruments and other equipment that can be provided at a discount. Customers in need are welcome to contact us!
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