What matters should be paid attention to in the operation and use of the coordinate measuring machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-20
What are the matters needing attention in the operation and use of the coordinate measuring machine? Post time: 2019-12-11 Source: https://www.microaccuracy.com/ The coordinate measuring machine is an important precision instrument in the industrial field. It can achieve high-precision measurements, but its high-precision characteristics also enable The measurement accuracy of equipment is easily affected by many aspects, so what matters should be paid attention to in the operation and use of the coordinate measuring machine? In order to reduce the error caused by the use of the three-coordinate measuring machine, you need to pay attention to the following matters when operating the equipment: 1. Before hoisting the workpiece, first return the probe to the origin of the coordinates and reserve a position for hoisting Out of the installation space. Each work piece must be hoisted smoothly, and it must not hit other three-coordinate constructions during the hoisting process. Before installation, make sure that the parts and the measuring machine are at the same temperature, which is also an aspect of correct installation. 2. When using Miaoji's three-coordinate measuring machine, a correct and accurate coordinate system must be established. Under normal circumstances, it must be consistent with the requirements on the coordinate drawing to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data of the equipment. 3. Because the high-precision three-coordinate measuring instrument runs automatically after programming, it is necessary to avoid interference between the probe and the workpiece at this time. In order to avoid this kind of imagination, pay attention to adding inflection points. 4. When using a coordinate measuring machine to inspect some large molds, etc., the workbench should be removed in time after the inspection, so as to prevent the workbench from being in a load-bearing working state for a long time, and the workbench will be deformed The phenomenon. The above are the operation items that need to be paid attention to in the process of using the coordinate measuring machine. Pay attention to the influence of the equipment and perform correct operation to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the measurement. With high-quality measurement equipment, it can meet the needs of industrial measurement. Domestic professional precision measuring equipment manufacturers can currently provide a variety of high-quality three-coordinate measuring machines, one-button measuring instruments and other precision measuring equipment!
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