What role does the two-dimensional measuring instrument play in the automotive field?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-17
What role does the two-dimensional measuring instrument play in the automotive field? Published: 2019-10-17 Source: http://www.microaccuracy.com/ In the field of automobile production, due to strict requirements on quality and safety, many parts and accessories require high precision, which makes it like High-precision equipment such as the two-dimensional measuring instrument is widely used. What role does the two-dimensional measuring instrument play in the automotive field? The two-dimensional measuring instrument is a new high-precision high-tech measuring instrument that integrates optical, electromechanical, and computer image technology. It can accurately measure various complex workpiece contours and surface shapes, and is also used in quality inspections in the automotive industry. To bridge and complement each other, it will play an increasingly important role in the future automotive industry. The two-dimensional measuring instrument overcomes the shortcomings of traditional projectors. At present, it can realize a variety of precision inspections in the field of automobile production. It can not only observe the outline of auto parts, but also easily detect the surface of opaque auto parts, such as automobile pistons. At the same time, the workpieces can be placed at will, and functions such as photographing, report making, and CAD engineering drawing generation can be performed. Even batch inspection of parts can be carried out, such as the inspection of automobile brake pads, and the automatic CNC inspection function of the imager can be used, which is highly efficient, saves manpower, and has strong measurement operability. In addition, the coordinate measuring machine is also an indispensable testing equipment in the automobile manufacturing field, and the application of the two-dimensional image measuring instrument can make up for the shortcomings of the contact type coordinate measuring machine. The plane size can be quickly and accurately measured, and the complementarity of the two can bring more accurate detection for enterprises. As a domestic professional testing equipment manufacturer, Miaoji Technology can create more suitable two-dimensional measuring instruments, one-button measuring instruments and other high-precision testing equipment for the automotive industry according to the special requirements of different auto parts products. Those in need are welcome Customer contact consultation!
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