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by:Sinowon     2020-02-24
Over the past five years, I have witnessed an unprecedented increase in the use of glass tile mosaics in residential and commercial applications.
Like many other high-end, popular products, cheap knock-on
The market was soon filled with products.
Unsuspecting consumers buy these attractive
It looks like cheap tiles get frustrated only a few months later as they know that the investment at home is not only worthless, but also costly.
When the glass tile is installed or the product is faulty, the homeowner is left with expensive tears
And maintenance.
For end users and many untrained contractors, the quality differences seem subtle, but they have a significant impact on the final look and durability of the project.
I was surprised by the number of tile contractors claiming to be experts in glass tile installation, but I couldn\'t even tell the right direction for tile installation!
Some contractors will not admit that they do not have technology and training in this profession, nor will they reverse the installation of tiles because they have never used \"paper materials.
They later called to complain about the tiles falling off and the glass was defective.
Therefore, the first rule is to ensure that people who install glass tiles attend workshops on glass tile installation, such as workshops provided by Bisazza or Oceanside glass tiles, or demonstrate the installation capability of glass tiles.
Most quality manufacturers sponsor at least two
A day workshop that ensures a full look that lasts for decades rather than months.
A company based in Phoenix, Arizona, recently conducted two
A one-day workshop to bring Alex Arcaro from Bisazza to their Scottsdale showroom to teach contractors the fine art of glass tile installation.
The advantage of \"paper glass tiles\" is that it allows an effective installation method and is used by high quality glass tile manufacturers.
When installing paper finish materials, 100% of glass bricks are bonded to the substrate, which has great benefits, especially in applications in wet areas.
Consumers need to consider that many of the mesh back materials use glue with poor quality to glue the tiles onto the web.
When the grid side is mounted to the surface, the grid acts as a barrier between the tile and the substrate.
If the glue subsequently breaks or the glue fails, the tiles are easily loose and fall off because the surface of the tiles is barely really glued to the substrate.
This failure can start almost immediately after all installation warranties expire, or it may take several years.
For glass bricks made in China, my experience shows that the quality of glue used to glue tiles to the grid is lower than that of high-quality products produced in Europe or glue used by quality manufacturers in the United States.
Usually, the glass brick is translucent in appearance, and any defects in the Settings app or thin settings are magnified.
No matter which tile is installed, the substrate must be very smooth using the setup material recommended by the manufacturer and operating strictly in accordance with their instructions.
Any \"wave or Groove\" in the set-up material is obvious, and this is another reason why consumers need to hire contractors trained in glass tile installation.
Another major quality difference between glass bricks is the quality of glass used during production.
Ocean side Glass is famous for using recycled bottles in production and provides consumers with a copy about the rear
Consumer recycled materials are used in production and can help get LEED certification.
Besides, their stateof-the-
The art equipment used for ingredients, replacement of furnaces and cooling of molten glass is revolutionary.
Their craftsmen hand-made glass, turning each tile into a tile that is as unique as a snowflake.
Bisazza glass brick uses the best quality ingredients and continuously improves the production process to obtain stronger materials and brighter colors.
Shortcuts in production and compromises with materials lead to the lack of perfect square edges, color quality and strength of finished products.
For untrained eyes, the product may look similar on display, but in reality it is very inferior.
The quality producer of the glass brick can also apply a bevel to each of its tiles in order to obtain a more flat and consistent surface during installation.
According to the Wes Wayland of Bisazza USA, \"it gives customers the ability to cover concave and convex surfaces, making it easier to form a clean inside and outside corner with the appearance of the finished product.
It also allows them to create mosaics on furniture, walls, ceilings, swimming pools, and even on the cladding of the entire building with a unique design \".
Glass tiles are not just for the bathroom.
Bisazza wants consumers and designers to think outside the box and provide prefabricated mosaic patterns and designs designed to cover large vertical surfaces like wallpaper, perfect for bedrooms --living room -board room -foyer -etc.
High quality mosaics provide few visual limitations for customers, designers and architects.
Almost anything can be designed and manufactured with premium glass bricks including furniture.
When considering glass tiles, the best advice is that consumers should consult with authorized dealers on whether the tiles are suitable for the intended use.
Authorized Dealers spend a lot of time educating employees and they always know who to contact for installation related issues.
List of installers who complete formal training, please contact your dealer.
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