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by:Sinowon     2020-06-18
This novel has nothing to do with religion and god, perhaps that why it's anti-venom for venomous human nature, because it looks at human nature through a microscope and shows the insecurity man has had since beginning and for that is why he created a supreme being in figure of God; while all along man could just be an intelligent microscope specie for more advance, and perhaps peaceful entities in this Universe, or cancer cells which have very tiny brain and even tinnier thinking ability. Kyirux series from part one and two shows the readers why God came along into the picture, and how deceptive every religions organization is in the world; from Vatican Church to Catholic Church. This is no Dan Brown's new novel; this book perhaps goes far beyond the boundaries of serest societies and religious beliefs of Freemasons and Illuminati. Kyirux takes a human mind to a whole new plain of thinking and re-programs your DNA to think the way human were supposed to think, to think without having the concept of God, and to think without the limitation of being a three dimensional mind. This is the most cleverly written sci-fi/mystery series about a 500 million year old computer that is found from deep beneath the surface of our planet in the early years of 21st century, and the message that it contains within it is meant to change man kind for eternity. This book not only talks about how life was created on this planet, but it unfolds the deepest secret of Christianity, the story of Jesus Christ in Kyirux part II (The Hidden History), and how someone else might had lived the exact same life as he, but much earlier on in time. It also goes into the secrets of the Great Pyramids. The second part of Kyirux is perhaps even more entertaining than the first part, as man finally takes the journey to outer planets in the second part, and discovers God. There is perhaps the best state of the union speech written for a president in part II, speech which every single American would like to hear in their life and it doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal; this speech is for you to read. This book is a must read for all sci-fi and Mystery fans, and for all the non believers in the mystery of this universe, people who may think that actual human like god created this universe to bread a specie in its own image.To learn more about sci fi books or get more information on fantasy books, visit my favorite author's website. To find out about the new 2011science fiction books, the following website will be very helpful. For more details visit http://www.krsnovels.com/ and http://www.krsnovels.com/best_science_fiction_novel.html
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