Which equipment is better for image measuring machines and coordinate measuring machines?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-07
Which equipment is better for image measuring machines and coordinate measuring machines? Published: 2019-11-07 Source: http://www.microaccuracy.com/ Image measuring instruments and coordinate measuring machines are very commonly used precision measuring equipment, and both of them play high-precision measurement in the field of industrial production What kind of equipment is better for image measuring instruments and coordinate measuring machines? Image measuring instrument: This equipment is based on machine vision image measurement, through automatic edge extraction, automatic matching, automatic focus, measurement synthesis, image synthesis and other artificial intelligence technologies, combined with module calculations to obtain accurate measurement data. At the same time, based on the auto-focus process under the precise control of machine vision and micron, it can meet the needs of auxiliary measurement under clear images, and a contact probe can also be added to complete coordinate measurement. Excellent software performance that supports spatial coordinate rotation, batch measurement and SPC result classification can be carried out when workpieces are randomly placed or fixtures are used. Coordinate measuring machine: The device adopts a contact measurement method. The working principle is to put the measured part into the range of the measurement space it allows, and accurately measure the three coordinate positions of the surface of the measured part in the space. Numerical value: The coordinate values u200bu200bof these points are processed by a computer to fit the measurement elements, such as circles, spheres, cylinders, cones, curved surfaces, etc., and their shapes, position tolerances and other geometric data are obtained through mathematical calculations. From the perspective of the principles and measurement methods of the two equipment, there is a big difference in the application of the two. The image measuring instrument mainly measures the two-dimensional data and 2.5D data, and the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine mainly performs the measurement in the three-dimensional space. The measurement of the x\y\z axis size of the measured object is also a three-dimensional data measurement. In different measurement fields, the two devices have their own advantages and disadvantages. In summary, there is no question of which equipment is better between the image measuring instrument and the coordinate measuring machine, but the measuring equipment that can complement each other. The company should respond according to the measurement range, size, accuracy, etc. Choose, at present Miaoji Technology can provide a variety of image measuring instruments, three-coordinate measuring machines, one-button measuring instruments and other equipment!
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