Which measurement requirements should be met when purchasing a three-coordinate measuring machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-04-24
Which measurement requirements should be met when purchasing a three-coordinate measuring machine? Published: 2019-11-15 Source: https://www.microaccuracy.com/ Coordinate measuring machine is a commonly used measuring equipment in industrial production. It can achieve accurate measurement of the size of the detected workpiece, and its measurement accuracy is important for enterprise product quality control Ru0026D and design are very important, so what measurement requirements must be met when purchasing a coordinate measuring machine? Reasonable measurement accuracy: The most important thing for companies to purchase a coordinate measuring machine is that the accuracy index should meet the requirements. The measurement accuracy required by the measured workpiece can be compared with the measurement uncertainty given by the coordinate measuring machine, depending on the detection of the equipment. Whether the accuracy meets the requirements. Accuracy comparison is not a simple comparison process. The technical specifications of the coordinate measuring machine generally only give two uncertainty formulas and repeat accuracy values u200bu200bfor single-axis length measurement and spatial length measurement. However, the measurement uncertainty of the measured parameter needs to be limited to Within a certain range. Enterprises should choose a three-coordinate measuring machine with higher accuracy (including repeatability). This is not only because when measuring complex parts, the error that the measuring point may bring is larger than expected, but the accuracy of the measuring machine will increase with the number of uses. The drop. Measuring range that meets the requirements: The measuring range of the coordinate measuring machine is also a very important parameter, because the accurate measurement value can be obtained within the measuring range, and it is difficult to measure beyond the range, which is related to the use range of the coordinate measuring machine , The following aspects should be considered when purchasing: 1. The part of the workpiece that needs to be measured is not necessarily the entire workpiece. If the part to be measured is concentrated on a certain part of the workpiece, in addition to the measurement range of the measuring machine that can cover the measured parameters, it is also necessary to consider that the entire workpiece can be placed on the measuring machine. The weight of the workpiece is required to have no significant impact on the measurement accuracy. In order to put the workpiece in the measuring machine, the measuring machine should be selected according to the size of the workpiece. 2. The relationship between Z-axis and Z-axis space height. Z-axis travel is the measurement range of Z-axis, and Z-axis space height is the height that the workpiece can be put down. 3. The problem of extension rods, some probes have Star probes, these probes are often required to exceed the measured part of the workpiece during measurement. Generally, when the workpiece size is l, the measurement range is required to be Lu003dl+2C, and C is the length of the probe. Therefore, the measurement range is equal to the maximum size of the workpiece to be measured plus twice the length of the probe. The above are the measurement requirements that need to be considered in the purchase process of the coordinate measuring machine. Only the equipment that meets the requirements in the measurement can bring the greatest benefits to the enterprise. Miaoji Technology focuses on the research and development and production of the coordinate measuring machine. Currently, it can provide a variety of high Precision equipment such as high-quality coordinate measuring machines and one-button measuring instruments.
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