Who has the final say on the quality of the image measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-02

In recent years, manufacturers of image measuring instruments have sprung up, and users do not know which one they will choose when buying. In addition, optical imaging equipment is also a niche product that most manufacturers do not know. If product testing is not required, almost no one knows enough about it, let alone judge the quality of the 2D imager. As a result, many imaging instrument production or sales departments boast about their product features and cost-effectiveness. Some users will introduce them through Internet searches or word of mouth from friends, and some will even find professionals to visit the manufacturer. The manufacturers and distributors of two-dimensional image measuring instruments are also doing their best in marketing. Some have begun to put online advertising, some have established sales points in various places, and some have made great efforts to reduce production costs. Some illegal companies will slander their counterparts everywhere.

Therefore, in the testing instrument industry, is there an authoritative organization for evaluation? Of course the answer is yes. The more authoritative is the National Metrological Products Supervision Bureau. The basic condition of the evaluation is the accuracy of the instrument, followed by the structure and function, and then the service life. Therefore, through the qualification certificate issued by the department, it can basically be judged as a high-quality instrument. However, in terms of price, the costs of different manufacturers are of course different, which gives birth to another saying that the same quality is better than price. At present, after more than ten years of development, the technology and quality of image measuring instruments at home and abroad are very good, especially imported instruments are really good. But the price is also very expensive, there are several particularly good brands in China. They have talents from the Chinese Academy of Sciences such as Dongguan Jinhong Instrument Co., Ltd., and the quality is very reliable.

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