Working process of semi-automatic pendulum impact testing machine

by:Sinowon     2021-07-19
What is the working process of the semi-automatic pendulum impact testing machine during the test? The testing machine will provide you with detailed answers to the actual working process of the JB-300B semi-automatic impact testing machine as follows:
1. Connect 380V, 50Hz three-phase four-wire power supply;
2. Insert the plug of the hand control box into the socket, put the sample on the jaw seat and center it;
3. Turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, and the servo motor of the signal device should rotate counterclockwise (from the working position);
4. Turn the switch on the hand control box to the on; position, click to release the pendulum; the button, the main motor rotates (if you find that the pendulum rotates counterclockwise at this time, you should turn off the power and change the power phase sequence). After adjusting the power supply, press and take the pendulum; the button, the main motor rotates, the electromagnetic clutch is combined, and the power is transmitted to the pendulum shaft. When the hook hits and crosses the hook and swing mechanism, it hits the damping rod and the limit switch is in a relaxed state. At this time, the main motor stops, the electromagnetic clutch is disengaged, and the pendulum is hung on the swing mechanism by its own weight; when the impact is pressed; when the button is pressed, the valve is energized with an electromagnet, and the swing mechanism is pushed off, and the pendulum is Free-fall pendulum impact→automatically raise the pendulum→hang the pendulum; when you need to place the pendulum, press and hold the pendulum; the button, the valve uses an electromagnet (power on, the jacking and disengagement mechanism rotates downward, the electromagnetic clutch is combined, the main motor rotates, The hammer rotates clockwise. When it reaches the vertical position, release the button to stop.
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