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by:Sinowon     2020-01-27
The wound measuring device was originally a surgical scale and ruler, and the practice of studying the progress of wound healing, wound measurement and regular tracking of wound size is important in terms of insurance, litigation and reimbursement.
The wound is defined as an interruption of the continuous structure of the skin and may sometimes extend to the internal layer below the skin.
Traditionally, wounds are defined as any bleeding of limbs or important organs visible from the outside, and modern science has now included the occurrence of internal wounds in the definition of wounds.
From simple wear to complex tissue damage, the nature of the wound may vary.
Therefore, wound care usually depends on the nature and location of the wound.
In some cases, in order to provide adequate care to the area, it is necessary to know the wound area.
The wound measuring equipment was originally a surgical scale and a ruler.
These devices are now described as simple devices that are considered rough or inaccurate, although they are still in use in many countries around the world.
The concept that a simple device uses a rectangular or Quadrilateral area (l*b*0. 785)
Calculation measured with a conventional ruler or scale.
Another way to measure the wound is to use transparent paper to outline the area that can be measured in the area grid diagram.
Complex devices are expensive and more accurate than simple devices.
Get samples for free: complex equipment including stereo optics (SPG)
Or structured lighting to get wound images that can be rendered later by a computer to make 3D images for further research and monitoring of wound care.
With new innovations every year, wound measuring equipment is still in the development stage.
However, it is generally concluded that the new complex technology is better in monitoring progress and checking the area covered by the wound.
Wound Care, with the help of wound measuring equipment, has made great progress in today\'s era.
Now, handheld computers and smartphones are integrating with simple and complex technologies to get a complete solution.
Laser-based wound terrain recognition technology is also under development, which will monitor the 3D image of the wound and its healing rate in real time.
In the global market in 2012, North America was the world\'s leader, and less than half of the world\'s wound measurement procedures were conducted in the United States.
Followed by Europe and Asia.
The Pacific region continues.
However, it is observed that the growth rate of the Asian market is higher than that of its peers in North America and Europe, and sales growth is expected to exceed that of North America by 2020.
This may be the reason for the growth of the elderly population in China, Japan and India, the countries with the largest number of skin ulcers in the world.
The rest of the world has seen moderate economic growth, accounting for only a fraction of global revenue.
However, the Middle East has the greatest potential for growth, as the world\'s largest share of the diabetes population includes countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.
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