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MicroVicky VH1010 / VM1010 Series Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

MicroVicky VH1010 / VM1010 Series Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

MicroVicky VH1010 / VM1010 Series
823-161 / 823-102
12 month
Delivery Time

Note:MicroVicky VH1010

Note:MicroVicky VM1010

Product Characteristics 

Color touch screen. Auto hardness conversion to other scales.

Gradient test can be performed, and the depth of hardened layer can be automatically calculated.

With data viewing functions, data can be printed via Bluetooth.

Automatic loading, dwelling, and unloading during the testing process, simple operation, no human operating error.

Upgraded manual lifting system on the side of the worm gear, and the screw has no gap.

Upgraded optical system with clear image of indentation, and improve the accuracy of the measurement.

Product Application 

Carburized layer, ceramics, steel, non-ferrous metals, thin plates, metal flakes, electroplated layers, small specimens.

Gradient measurement of nitride layer, forest carbon layer and quench hardened layer.

Technical Specification

Product NameDigital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
ModelMicroVicky VM1010MicroVicky VM1010AMicroVicky VH1010MicroVicky VH1010A
Numerical input methodManualManualAutoAuto
Lens and Indenter SwitchManual TurretAuto TurretManual TurretAuto Turret
Loading Force

N: 0.0980.2460.490.981.962.944.909.80

gf: 1025501002003005001000

Dwell Time1~60 adjustable
Loading ControlAutomatic
Magnification100x/40x(500x customizable)
Minimum measurement unit0.025 μm
Analogue X-Y AnvilSize100x100mm; Travel25mmx25mm
Max. Height of Specimen90mm
Instrument Throat120mm
Packing Dimension500x490x720mm
Net weight55Kg
Gross Weight70Kg
Power SupplyAC 220V,50/60HZ
Execution StandardISO 6507ASTM E92JIS Z2244GB/T 4340.2

Technical Specification

Product NameCode#Product NameCode#
Product NameCode#
Vickers Indenter823-40110x Eyepiece823-301Anti-dust Cover823-901
Vickers Hardness Block (700~800)HV1823-611Objectives 10x823-311Accessories Box823-801
Vickers Hardness Block (400~500)HV0.2823-621Objectives 40x823-341Power Cable823-761
Flat Clamp823-711X-Y Anvil823-701Filament Clamp823-761
Adjusting screw------Screwer Driver823-951Thin-piece Clamp823-751
Small Spirit Level823-931Warranty card/certificateMicroVicky VH1010Instrument Manual/Packing ListMicroVicky VH1010

Optional Delivery

Product NameCode#Product NameCode#Product NameCode#
Video Measuring Eyepice821-811Irregular clamping table823-741Vickers Measuring SoftwareiVicky 2.0
Digital Micrometer Head823-719LCD Monitor823-821USB CMOS Camera823-471
Vickers Measuring PadVicPadTablet adapter           ------Camera adapter823-361

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