Fiber optic cross connect cabinet is an outdoor

by:Sinowon     2020-07-06
The Cross-connection Cabinet can be applied in active link with trunk optical cables and cable distribution, accomplishing fusion, storage, distribution and dispatch for the cables. Its capacity can be flexibly customized as required and built-in direct splice unit is capable for providing direct connection function. It also can able to counter abrupt climate change and extreme environment. It is suitable for outdoor light splitter in FTTH application, provided with light splitting function, easy for installation, safety in use and reducing costs. Fiber media converters can connect different Local area network (LAN) media, modifying duplex and speed settings. For example, existing Half-Duplex hubs can be connected to 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet network segments over 100BASE-FX fiber. When expanding the reach of the LAN to span multiple locations, media converters are useful in connecting multiple LANs to form one large campus area network that spans over a limited geographic area. The cabinet has the functions of fiber distribution, splice, storage and dispatch. It has dogged performance of resisting the open-air environment and can resist severe climatic changes and serious working environment. The protection grade reaches IP65. The cabinet is made from quality stainless steel. It has not only excellent performance of anticorrosion and aging resistance but also pleasing appearance. The cabinet has the advantages of small volume and large capacity of 288 cores. More than 10 pieces of optical cables can be inlet. Characteristics: Ingellen Fiber Cross connect Cabinet will adapt to various bad weather conditions, with reliable sealing, water-proof and damp proof. Cross connect cabinets allow for termination of and cross- connections between cabling elements.
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