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horizontal optical profile projector series for thin materials

horizontal optical profile projector series for thin materials

horizontal optical profile projector series for thin materials
  • horizontal optical profile projector series for thin materials
  • horizontal optical profile projector series for thin materials

horizontal optical profile projector series for thin materials

Sinowon optical profile projector is technically developed by R&D staff. The overall load, power, current and voltage capacity have been taken into consideration to maximize its electric performance. More than 10,000 pcs have been delivered and installed
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Product Feature

The lifting system adopts linear guide rail and precision screw drive, which makes the lift drive more comfortable and stable;

With precision toothless rod and fast movement locking device, ensure return error is within 2um;

High accuracy A optical scale and precision working stage, ensure machine accuracy is within 3+L/200 um;

HD zoom lens and HD color digital camera, ensure clear image without distortion;

With programmable surface 4-ring 8-division LED cold light and contour LED parallel illumination, it can control the brightness of the 4-ring 8-division independently;

With powerful iMeasuring2.1 software system , to enhance the control quality;

Optional imported contact probes and 3D measuring software, it can help upgrade the machine to be coordinate measuring machine;

Optional FexQMS measurement data analysis and real-time monitor software, enhance process control, reduce material consumption;


Product NameHorizontal Video Projector
Working Stage Travel355X125mm
X/Y-axis Travel200X120mm
Z axis110mm
Measurement Accuracy*≤3+L/200um
Zoom Lens**HD 6.5X Detented Zoom Lens
Optical Magnification:0.7X-4.5X; Video Magnification:23X~158X(21.5”monitor)
Illuminating System (Software Control)Surface: Adjustable 4-ring 8-division 0~255-grade LED Cold Illumination
Contour: LED Parallel illumination
LED Laser navigation illumination
Working EnvironmentTemp:20℃±2℃,Temp Variation<2℃/hr, Humidity:30%-80%RH,Vibration<0.002g,< 15HZ
Measurement SoftwareiMeasuring 2.1
SystemSupport XP, WIN7, WIN8,WIN10 32/64 Bit
PowerAC110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz,600W
Dimension1120 x 720 x1100mm

The manufacture of Sinowon comparator machine involves the following stages: medical material and processes specification, vendor selection, detailed part design, software fine-tuning and testing, failure mode analysis, and tolerance analysis. The Gost certificate has been obtained for the Russian market
Sinowon optical profile projector is manufactured complying with international electrical safety standards. For example, it meets the safety requirements of IEC International Standards. It is supported by multiple languages say English, Turkish, and German
Sinowon comparator machine has been tested by third-party testing organizations. It has been checked in terms of miter edge lamination, polish, flatness, hardness, and straightness. The production is supported by professional engineers
Safety inspection for Sinowon comparator machine will be conducted at the final production stage. Its electrical performance and safe operation will be verified to comply with established safety standards. The product is well known for high accuracy and great stability
Every production stage of Sinowon optical profile projector is inspected by a specific QC team. From the raw materials grinding to vitrification and sintering, all these stages are conducted strictly according to the regulations of porcelain production. The product is excellent in dust prevention
This product has the advantage of information transfer - information about how to use, transport, recycle or process items can all be printed on it. The product is well known for high accuracy and great stability
This product is designed to be protective. It can protect objects from shock, vibration, compression, temperature and more. It is well recognized by more than 5000 customers
This product has clearly printed texts. It can display information about the item such as materials, operation instructions, etc. The quality is reliable and the service life is long
This product ensures the safety of the item. It prevents items from being squeezed or worn and protects the item from theft. Many international famous manufacturers choose this product for its premium quality
It can be reused if needed, which will save one extra energy and investment and be a better approach to environmental sustainability. The product is designed by professional designers to be user-friendly
With proper strength, this product helps reduce theft and ensures that items will not be physically damaged. The product has been installed in many countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, and Germany
This product has fetched high demands in the market. The product is highly praised in many exhibitions such as Shanghai Electronica China Show
We have good team focus on exporting high quality optical profile projector to the world. It is aimed at more than 60 countries and regions for exports
Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. values high quality products. The product is CE certified for the European market
The product is full of economic benefits, bringing considerable profits to customers. The product is verified by ISO9001:2015 to be quality ensured
There is no need for worrying about the after sale service while cooperating with Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited.. Its packing is made seriously to guarantee the safety during shipment
It is estimated that the product has a long service life in the market. A quality control system is implemented for the product
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