How does the two-dimensional measuring instrument reduce various errors?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-17
How does the two-dimensional measuring instrument reduce various errors? Published: 2019-10-28 Source: Various error conditions have always been an important factor affecting the accuracy of the two-dimensional measuring instrument. As a high-precision measuring instrument, the two-dimensional measuring instrument is used in the process To avoid accuracy errors caused by various factors, how can the two-dimensional measuring instrument reduce various errors? Mechanical errors, optical errors, and operating errors are the most common error factors in the use of a two-dimensional measuring instrument. The two-dimensional measuring instrument can avoid errors as much as possible through the following measures, thereby improving the detection accuracy: Mechanical errors: mainly caused by two In the process of manufacturing and assembling the dimensional measuring instrument, this error can be effectively reduced by improving the quality of manufacturing and assembly. For example: ① When the guide rail device is on the base, it is necessary to ensure a sufficient degree, and the degree of accuracy must be marked by a dial indicator. ②The XY grating ruler needs to be complete without any inclination. ③The X and Y worktables are required to be parallel, which requires the time division of the guide rail device. Optical error: This is caused by the distortion and distortion produced by the imaging optical path and components. When the light passes through each lens, the refraction error and the CCD dot matrix position error occur, so there is nonlinear geometric distortion in the optical system, which causes There are various types of geometric distortion between the target image point and the theoretical image point. The lens and the optical axis of the lens must be adjusted and checked according to the distortion. Operation error: This is the error situation caused by the operation error in the use process. This error situation is more common in manual and semi-automatic measuring equipment. It is generally reflected in the error of taking the point and the error of the Z-axis focal length adjustment. Automatic image measuring instrument can reduce the influence of operation on detection, thereby avoiding human operation error. The above are several common error generation situations of two-dimensional measuring instruments. Improvements from the root cause can effectively reduce the occurrence of errors. In particular, the use of fully automatic measuring equipment will greatly improve the measurement accuracy. At present, Miaoji Technology can provide more High-quality equipment such as automatic two-dimensional measuring instrument, one-button measuring instrument and so on!
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